Friday, September 18, 2009


DP Needle Holder is a handy way to store your double point needles.
Materials: 1” wide decorative ribbon, ¾” wide elastic (I prefer black), iron on mending tape any size will do.
Directions: Cut two pieces of ribbon wide enough to cover tips of needles about 2 ¼”. Cut elastic 5 ½” long, cut two pieces of iron on tape the same size as the ribbon. Lay ribbon face down place elastic on top of ribbon centered half way up, lay iron on tape on top press with hot dry iron. Do the same with the opposite end. Fold ribbon in half and whip stitch seems on top and side. Leave bottom open for the needles. NOTE: typically dp needles are 7” long. If you have any that are longer or shorter cut the elastic about 1 to 1 ½” shorter than the needle.


Childs Klein bottle Hat(First Photo)
Materials: size 3 dp needles, darning needle, Bernat baby Jacquards yarn 3.5oz skein.
Directions: With invisible cast on method cast on 20 sts. Evenly divided on three dp needles 6sts, 8sts, 6sts. Join to form a ring being careful not to twist.

Row 1: K1, P1, around, repeat this row for 5 to 6”.
Row 2: K4, K2 in the next st. repeat around (24sts).
Row 3: K1, P1, around.
Row 4: K3, K2 in the next st. repeat around (30sts).
Row 5: repeat row 3
Row 6: K4, K2 in the next st. repeat around (36sts).
Row 7: repeat row 3
Row 8: K5, K2 in the next st. repeat around (42sts).
Row 9: repeat row 3
Row 10: K6, K2 in the next st. repeat around (48sts).
Row 11: repeat row 3
Row 12: K7, K2in the next st. repeat around (54sts).
Row 13: repeat row 3
Row 14: K8, K2 in the next st. repeat around (60sts).
Row 15: repeat row 3
Row 16: K9, K2 in the next st. repeat around (66sts).
Row 17: repeat row 3
Row 18: K10, K2 in the next st. repeat around (72sts).
Row 19: repeat row 3 till hat measures 5 1/2” from start of increases.
For the next 10 rows work back and forth not in the round, this will leave an opening
(Or hole) in the work.
Then working in the round again, repeat row 3 for ten more rows. Now decrease in same fashion as you increased. First row will be K9 K2 tog. around. (This is a reverse of row 16) Repeat row 3.
Continue in this fashion till you have 20 sts. Work another 3” of K1 P1.
Reach into the opening (hole) pull the small end up through the hole turning it inside out. This will make the hat double thickness.
Finish by joining the two ends together using the kitchener stitch(See Photo Below).

This hat can be made for an adult child(Second Photo) by using worsted weight yarn and a size 7 knitting needle. The original tube will be 7” and the body area will be 10” the hole opening is about 2”. You can also use a K2 P2 throughout if you prefer.