Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Create your own gallery photo display with poster board and chopsticks.
Poster board(or cereal box type cardboard can be used)
2 sets of chopsticks
1 bevel matt 5" x 7" for a 4" x 6" photo
1 brass paper fastener
3 brass thumb tacks
1 piece of string
4 photo corners
Double stick tape
White glue, wood stain, and amber shellac
Craft knife, brush, sand paper, drill & bits, and tack hammer
1. Lay out and cut the piece to form section A & B as seen on drawing below.
2. Glue the sections together(white glue) and sand until smooth, glue section A & B together as on drawing.
3. Sand the assembly and apply stain(you could paint, stamp, or add flowers) and amber shellac(the stain and shellac give the appearance of a leather frame).
4. Attach the photo matt into section A and tape to the back of section B as on drawing.
5. Attach 4 photo corners to the back of the matt as on drawing below. You now have a quick change photo frame.
6. The easel is made by taking one set of chop sticks and cut 1 off where the taper begins, this makes your cross bar of easel.
7. Cut the 2nd stick off 1/2" from the tapered end, this is the support legs of the easel.
8. The 2nd set of chopsticks sand and angle on the square end of each stick to form the main legs of easel, as on drawing.
9. Drill 1/8" hole through the support and main legs of easel, insert brass paper fastener and fold over end to form hinge joint as on drawing.
10. Lay the assembly flat and attach cross bar to main legs with glue and 2 thumb tacks, see drawing(keep tacks toward the top of bar to make a clip for the frame).
11. Place a tack at the center of the cross bar on the back side(forms an anchor for string).
12. Attach string to tack on back of cross bar and tie the other end to the support leg as in the 2nd photo above, apply a little glue to the string where it contacts the support leg(the length of the string determines the position of the support leg).
13. Place your quick change photo frame onto the easel for your gallery photo display. This is a cute way to display photos and you can easily change photos daily or weekly.

Monday, June 29, 2009


This decorative faux stone bud vase, for artificial flowers, is made from a crochet cotton spool and some cereal box cardboard, and finished with Stone Spray Paint.
1 empty Peaches & Cream Crochet Cotton Spool(cone shaped)
4 disc 3 1/4" dia. cut from cardboard cereal box
4 disc 4" dia. cut from cardboard cereal box
White glue and Rust-Oleum American Accents Stone spray paint($7.97 at Walmart)
Scissors, drawing compass, and sand paper
1. Cut 3 1/4" and 4" disc and glue(white glue) each type together forming 2 assembled disc, sand until smooth.
2. Center the smaller disc assembly on the larger disc and glue together.
3. Center the large end of the empty spool on the disc assembly and glue in place as seen in the photo below.
4. Using compass draw a 2" circle with a 1" circle inside of that, cut out the 2" circle, cut out and remove the 1" circle from the middle.
5. Cut from the outside of the 2" circle to the open center, overlap the cut ends and side them in
opposite directions forming a cone shape. when the cone gets to where it is about 1" dia at the top and 1/2" at the bottom cut along one edge and remove excess.
6. Butt the 2 edges together and tape, forming a cone for the top of your vase. Glue(white glue) the small end of the new cone to the small end of the spool as in photo below.
7. Mix up a small amount of floor & water paste and smooth the joint where the cone and spool meet, also use to fill the notch on the bottom of the spool where the crochet cotton was fastened.
8. Sand complete assembly and finish with a coat of Stone Spray Paint. One coat should cover but some touch up maybe required.
9. Place an artificial flower bud in the vase and enjoy.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This decorative cup is made with a soup can and cardboard.
1 Campbell's Soup can 10.75oz pop top type
6 cardboard disc 3.5" dia.
6 cardboard disc 2.5" dia.
6 cardboard strips 1/2" x 5"
1 cabinet knob with screw
2 small brads
Two part epoxy, white glue, walnut stain, and amber shellac
Scissors, drill & bits, craft awl, needle nose pliers, and sand paper
1. Cut 6 disc from shoe box cardboard 3.5" dia, glue disc together with white glue(make sure to leave plain surface face on both sides) place a weight on top to clamp.
2. Cut 6 disc from same type cardboard 2.5" and glue together to form lid.
3. Cut 6 strips of same material 1/2" wide and 5" long, glue together and bend into the shape of the handle as in photos, let dry in this shape, round off ends when dry and punch small hole at both ends for small brad.
4. Sand all the assembled cardboard pieces(make sure to sand out any glue marks to allow staining), and stain all pieces.
5. Attach the handle to the side of soup can and larger disc to bottom of can with 2 part epoxy.
6. Cut both brads off(just long enough to go the handle, not the can) so that they can be placed into the holes in the handle to give the look of rivets.
7. Drill hole in center of smaller disc and attach cabinet knob(I used a clear metal knob, but you could use a wood knob, the metal colors the same as can when shellac is applied) the screw may have to be shortened with hack saw.
8. Apply about 4 0r 5 coats of amber shellac(the amber shellac creates the bronze look as in photo) to all assemblies.
9. Allow cup and lid to dry completely before putting together.


Make your own recipe holder and photo display rack.
1 piece of particle board 3/4" x 4 1/4" x 8 1/2"
2 wood dowels 3/4" dia. x 6 1/2" long
2 wood dowels 3/8" dia. x 3 1/2" long
2 pieces of MDF 1/4" x 5 1/2" x 8"(white surface one side)
2 pieces of 1/8" welding rod(Lowes) 7 1/4" long
2 nuts with 6 - 32 threads(Lowes)
4 photo corner(craft store)
Recipe cards about 5" x 7"
2 part epoxy and paint(black or your desire)
saw, drill & bits, heavy pliers, hack saw, sander, hole punch, 6 - 32 die nut & handle(to cut threads)
1. Cut particle board base and drill hole as on drawing.
2. Cut 3/4" and 3/8" dowels, drill hole as on drawing.
3. Cut MDF(medium density fiberboard) pieces and drill hole, cut beveled edge(sand bevel if no table saw).
4. Cut 2 pieces of welding rod and thread one end(Lowes has 1/8" threaded rod if you don't have die)
5. Bend the rod in the shape shown on drawing making sure to leave straight section to go into end of dowels.
6. Sand all the pieces and glue base and dowels together as shown on drawing and paint.
7. Mix a small amount of 2 part epoxy and fill holes in the end of 3/4" dowels, insert straight section of rods into holes and aline the hooks so that they are parallel and even with each other(try cutting a piece of wood 4 1/8" long and 3" wide and clamp between the rod hooks to keep them even while epoxy sets, see drawing).
8. Select a photo you want on the front of your recipe holder, then attach photo corners to one of the pieces of MDF with spacing to fit your photo, see 2nd photo above.
9. Punch holes on one edge of recipe cards to match the spacing of the rods.
10. Fit the piece of MDF with out the photo(white side up) onto the rods and slide over rods until positioned like in the 1st photo above, fit recipe cards over rods followed by the photo cover as in the 2nd photo above.
11. When both MDF pieces are down it is a photo display, slide top piece up and it is a recipe holder.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Here is another experiment with my heat gun! These hanging wind spinners are made from plastic plates by heat shrinking.
Large and small plastic plates(some clear and some clear in center and color on the out side edges).
3/4" split jump rings
Heavy string
Heat gun, drill & bits, gloves, and safety glasses
1. Lay plastic plate flat with the bottom side up.
2. Apply heat with gun directly to the center of the plate bottom until a hole develops, then allow hole to open about 1.5" to 2", slowly move heat to the outer portion of the plate causing the plate to curl and fold as seen in photos.
3. Allow to cool and drill 1/8" hole about 1/4" from plate edge, spray paint if desired as seen in the second photo(spinners are just lightly sprayed on both sides).
4. Slide jump ring through hole and tie string to jump ring with half hitch then tie a loop in the opposite end of string.
5. Hang your unique recycled wind spinner.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


These interesting jewelry pieces are made from cut out pieces of soda bottles. In a previous post I made decorative bottle by heat shrinking soda bottles and found that heating small pieces of the bottles from different areas of the bottle produced unique shapes. Also that by painting the inside of the shapes with mixtures of colors added attractive value. The hardware to make the shapes into jewelery can be found at any craft store.
Pieces of plastic bottles
Craft paints
Pins, ear ring hooks, and jump rings etc.
Craft glue and supper glue.
Scissors, heat gun(high wattage hair dryer will work to some extent, but could damage dryer), gloves, and safety glasses
1. Cut out a shape from the bottle, suggest ovals, circles, zig zags, or any shape.
2. Slowly heat the piece with heat gun, you will have to experiment and learn how each piece reacts to the heat. You may also want to paint the pieces before you heat, they twist so much it can be hard to paint later.
3. Paint your new shape only on the inside, I had to use a can of air to blow paint inside some shapes, also you may want to spray the back side of shape with poly to prevent paint from getting scraped off in cases where paint is exposed.
4. You will want to try different sections of bottles, the heavier section at the top and bottom of bottles do not shrink as much and make better pins.
5. Also notice that 2 of the shapes in photo have colored beads inside them, to do this just lay some beads in the center of your cut out shape and heat from side to side until the plastic wraps around them.
6. Add jewelry hardware to your shapes, IE earring hooks, eyelets, jump ring, and maybe a chain.
Basically this fun craft is open to your imagination, it does not work the same as Shrink Plastics from the Craft Store, but similar! Try it and have fun and use care as the pieces get very HOT.

Monday, June 15, 2009


1: Begin by folding the top down to determine the center line, then open flat
2: Fold opposite corners into the center at 45 degrees
3: Fold the outer raw edges in to align with the inner raw edges.
4: Now fold the blunted corners at 45 degrees to lie along the center line where you will tuck the flap into the small triangle shaped pocket see #5.
Turn over to see the front of your envelope.

What is fun about this is you write your letter on any regular sized paper, decorative stationary works well. Fold, add a decorative sticker to the back and address the front. Yes people you can mail these with no problem. Save on envelopes.


The light blue circle is what the butterfly looks like before you fold it. The one with the railroad ribbon is used as a book mark.
the other two have been used as refrigerator magnets, hair clips, & decorative pins. I know of a little old lady that has them pinned all over her curtains.
Materials: Yarn or Crochet Cotton
Crochet hook
The size of the yarn, cotton and hook is determined by the size of the Butterfly you want to make.
Ch 6 join in first ch. To form a ring, never turn
Row 1: 16 dc in ring, join.
Row 2: 3dc ch1 in each st. around join.
Row 3: *3dc ch2 3dc in first ch1 sp. 1hdc in next ch1 sp, repeat from * around, join.
Row 4: slip st. in first ch2 sp. 5dc. picot, 4dc in same space. ch2 * 5dc picot 4dc, in next ch2 sp. ch2 Repeat from * around finish off weave in ends.
Fold in half attach at center with pipe cleaner. See photo

PICOT: ch3 slip stitch in first stitch of ch3.
Note: If you would like the butterfly a little larger you can add a row between 3&4 of
3dc ch2 3dc in first ch1 sp 1hdc in hdc repeat around.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


A while ago we found a web site that gives a recipe for making homemade lip balm. We thought it would make a nice gift! But we needed some small containers to hold our new lip balm, so we decided to make our own.
1 soda bottle end and cap
1 disc punched out of Mylar 1 1/4" dia.
1 colorful craft sticker
Two part mixable epoxy
1 1/4" hole punch or scissors, pop sickle stick with piece of cardboard to mix epoxy, and sand paper or file.
1. Cut off the threaded end of a soda bottle just below the ring that is below threads.
2. Sand or file the cut surface until it is totally flat and even as on bottle end in middle of photo.
3. Squeeze a small amount of 2 part epoxy onto cardboard and mix completely.
4. Punch or cut with scissors a 1 1/4" disc of Mylar(could use a section of the bottle).
5. Spread a even layer of epoxy on one side of the disc.
6. Place the bottle end on top of the disc. and wipe off excess epoxy and allow to set.
7. Make sure to set assembly with the disc on the bottom, the epoxy can run out of bottle end if set upside down.
Fill your new container with lip balm or what ever you want to store in it. The web site where we got the lip balm recipe is http://crafts.lovetoknow.com/wiki/Make_Your_Own_Lip_Balm
Here is the recipe:
3 teaspoons grated unbleached beeswax; 5 teaspoons carrier oil (sunflower, castor, or jojoba); 6 or 7 drops essential oil; 1 teaspoon honey, for flavor
1. Melt the beeswax and carrier oil together in the top of a double boiler, stirring to combine. Remove from heat; add honey and essential oil. Mix thoroughly so the honey does not clump.
2. To add a little color, stir in a tiny dab of lipstick with a coffee stirrer. Pour the mixture into containers; let sit 20 minutes before covering or moving. For glossier lip balm, use 2 teaspoons wax and 8 teaspoons carrier oil.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The materials for this project are a hair scrunchie and four to six wine glass charms, also jump rings.
The scrunchie serves two purposes 1. it holds the wine glass charm rings, 2. it is also a drip guard for the wine bottle.
You will need to sew jump rings evenly spaced around a store bought scrunchie. Attach the wine glass charms to the rings and place over the neck of a wine bottle.
This pink scrunchie has an open lace design which allows for the rings to be attached at the openings no jump rings needed.
The typical dollar store will usually have both the scrunchie and the wine charms. So for two dollars you can make a set. The multi colored scrunchie is a hand crocheted design, which you can find in our crocheted projects.


These scrunchies poof nicely in your hair, and by using crochet cotton you have lovely color choices. Also you can get nylon crochet threads with very vibrant colors. Verigated ones work nice for school colors.
Materials: size10 crochet cotton
Size 5 steel crochet hook,
Hair elastic.

38 sc. Over the elastic, slip st. to join.
Row1: 2 sc in each sc around, slip st. to join.
Row2: sc in first st. * ch4 sc in next st. Repeat from * around, join.
Row3: *10 dc in chain4 space, slip st. in sc. Repeat from*
around join. Cut & weave in end.
NOTE: The 38 sc is for the averaged sized hair elastic. A smaller size will take less sc and a larger one will take more. The key is keep an even number of stitches on the beginning row that covers the elastic.


You can make your own crocheted cell phone purse.
Red Heart Luster Sheen
Sport weight
Size F crochet hook
Ch 11 loosely
Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across: 10 sc.
Row 2: Ch 1, turn; skip first sc, (sc, dc) in next sc, * skip next sc, (sc, dc) in next sc; repeat from * across.
Row 3: Ch 1, turn; (sc, dc) in each dc across.
Repeat row 3 till piece measures 9 1/2”
Row 4: for button hole Ch 1, sc in each of the first 4 sts. Ch 4 skip 2 sts. sc in each of the last 4 sts. Finish off weave in ends(see photo below).
Fold bottom up 2/3 sew sides together. Top flap will fold down to the button.
Sew on button.
The handle for this purse can be your choice a long chain or a crocheted thick chain
Attached at the side. The handles in the above photo were a chain and an eye glasses strap from
Dollar Store

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This wind spinner can be put on your lawn or deck
because it has it's own base.
1 soft drink bottle 24oz.
1 wood dowel 1/2" x 24"
5 square head paper brads
1 water or soda bottle 3 liter size
3 liters of small stones or sand
1 wood screw #10 x 1 1/4"
Desired colors of paint and hot glue
Felt marker, scissors, drill & bits, craft awl, and screw driver
1. Using felt tip marker lay out 5 propeller fins on the soft drink bottle as in 1st photo below(each fin is lined up over the 5 knobs on the bottom of the bottle and on the smooth label area).
2. Cut off the top section of the bottle along dotted line shown in 1st photo below(click to enlarge).
3. Cut out the 5 fins and bend each out and down so they are all at 90 degrees to the bottom section of bottle, see 2nd photo.
4. Make a mark 3/4" up on the tapered side of each fin, see 2nd photo.

5. Fold and crease each fin along the line from the mark to the bottom of the opposite edge, see 3rd photo.
6. Bend each fin back to a 90 degree angle to the bottom section of the bottle and punch a hole in the folded fin section & bottle, insert paper brad and spread prongs on under side, see 4th photo(click to enlarge).

7. Lay assembled propeller flat with bottom section of bottle up, hot glue the cap from the bottle to the center of the bottle bottom as in 5th photo (this forms the prop shaft).
8. Drill a 3/16" hole in the center of cap and through bottom of bottle, paint prop as desired.
9. Drill pilot hole for screw in side of one end of 1/2" dowel, sand and paint.
10. Attach prop to dowel with wood screw.
11. Drill 1/2" hole in the center of the cap of 3 litter bottle, paint as desired.
12. Fit dowel through the hole in 3 litter bottle cap, fill bottle with sand or stone, push dowel into bottle and screw on cap(with the stone you may have to put the dowel in place and put stone in around dowel.


This quick pot holder is for use on the handles of your hot pots, works great on that cast iron skillet.
Size F or G crochet hook
Sugar and cream crochet cotton.
Chain 5
Working in back loops only 2 sc in second ch. from hook,
1 Sc in each of the next two stitches, 2 sc in the last st.
Do not turn the work. What was the front loop will now be the back loop,
2 sc. in the first st. 1 sc in each of the next 3 sts., 2 sc. in the last stitch.
Now working in both loops sc in each stitch around continually till the piece measures about 5” bind off end cut and weave in ends.

Monday, June 8, 2009


The 4th of July is close and these simple pins are also cheap, but still cute.
1 piece of red, white, & blue ribbon 6" long
1 heart shaped Deco brad
1. Cut 6" piece of RWB ribbon.
2. Fold ribbon in a loop as in photo.
3. Punch a hole through ribbon where the 2 halves cross and insert brad.
4. To wear punch prongs on brad through shirt and fold down, could also wear on a hat.


My neighbor took down some old dead pine trees, so I ask him for some of the dried branches and made some novel items, this is one.
1 Section of pine branch about 4.5" dia. x 9" long
2 Sections of pine branch about 1/2" dia. x 6" long
2 Sections of pine branch about 3/8" dia. x 5" long
Wood Glue, wood filler, and Finish
Saw, drill & bits, hatchet, pocket knife, chisel, sander, and block plane(jointer if available)
1. Cut 9" piece of 4.5" dia. pine branch, and shave off the bark leaving traces of inter bark.
2. Split the 9" piece into 2 equal pieces with hatchet and plane & sand the flat side of one piece(smooth with jointer if available).
3. Make a cut 1 1/8" deep 2.5" from one end of 9" piece going from side to side, with chisel, remove the 6.5" section down to the cut as in drawing below, and sand the formed flat area until smooth.
4. Drill two 1 5/8" " hole in 1 1/8" from end of the 2.5" section as in drawing below, fill center hole from drilling, sand until smooth(glue felt in bottom of hole if desired).
5. Drill four 1/4" hole in the flattened area formed in step #3, spacing as seen on drawing.
6. Cut the 2 pieces of 3/8" and 1/2" branches and remove bark, shave both ends of 3/8" pieces to fit 1/4" holes, and drill 1/4" holes in the 1/2" pieces as on drawing.
6. Dry fit all pieces to check line up.
7. Lightly sand all pieces, but leave rough for more rustic look.
8. Glue all 4 post into the holes in the base and top rails onto post.
9. Add a finish to the holder to suit your taste, put peel and stick felt pads on bottom.
10. I used a set of plain salt & pepper shakers from the dollar store, if you want to use larger ones you will need to adjust the hole size to hold them.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


A simple fun project using drink cup, fruit cup, desert cup, and part of a water bottle.
1 Toco Bell 32oz. drink cup
1 Schwans desert cup(black cup)
1 Delmonte fruit cup(clear cup)
1 neck and cap section of a 10oz. Sam's water bottle
12 Toothpicks
1 piece of white string
Hot & supper glue, red, white, and black paint, black felt marker
Scissors, side cutter pliers, and ice pick
1. Paint the drink cup as in photo or similar to make the basic tower(from bottom up the black, red, & white area)
2. Glue the 2nd black section(Schwans cup) to the 2nd white section(Delmonte fruit cup) with the top rim of the cups being sealed together as in photo.
3. Using ice pick punch a series of small evenly spaced holes(to accommodate toothpicks) around the assembled rims of the 2 cups.
4. Cut a number of toothpick about 5/8" long and insert into the holes punched with ice pick.
5. Using the black marker darken the grooves that are in the bottom section of the Demonte cup(this makes the windows).
6. Paint the rest of the Demonte cup white including the toothpicks and the rest of the black cup rim where it attaches to Demonte cup, as in photo.
7. Paint the tips of the toothpicks black where they stick down through the black cup.
8. Cut off the very end of the water bottle(including the threads & cap). Glue to the the fruit cup on the end next to the grooves you colored with marker.
9. Using ice pick punch a small hole in the center of the water bottle cap and insert a toothpick(this makes the lighting rod for the top)
10. Paint the water bottle & toothpick black, making sure to paint all the way to the edge of the grooves in the window section.
11. Using the marker draw a window or 2 on the sides of main tower and a door for the light room as in photo.
12. Using the supper glue attach the string to the tops of the toothpicks you inserted into the rims(this forms the railing for the light room area).
13. Using hot glue attach the top asembly to the base tower(drink cup), being careful to center the 2 pieces.
14. Display as is or attach to a heavy base like a flower pot saucer or wood disc.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Make your own needle holder with your own pictures or designs. Great for those doing embroidery and cross stitch.
2 pieces of magnet cut or punched in heart shape(old magnet business cards work)
1 picture or design cut or punched in heart shape
1 piece of card stock in heart shape(color to match picture)
2 jump rings 5/16" diameter(like a small key ring)
1 chain or decorative cord
Double Stick Tape(not required if peel and stick magnet material is used)
Heart Shape Punch, Scissors, 1/16" Hole Punch, and Needle Nose Pliers
1. Cut 2 heart shape magnets using punch or scissors.
2. Cut or punch heart shape with a picture or design you like(works best if on card stock).
3. Cut or punch heart shaped piece of color coordinated card stock.
4. Attach the picture and card stock hearts to the 2 magnet hearts(glue,tape, or peel & stick)
5. Laminate the 2 card stock surfaces with clear packing tape and trim excess tape.
6. Lay the front picture heart assembly on top of the card stock heart assembly with magnets face to face.
7. Using hole punch 1/16" or larger, punch 2 hole in the 2 facing heart assemblies as in the photo.
8. Using pliers insert the 2 jump rings into the 2 punched holes joining the assemblies together.
9. Thread a chain or decorative cord through the 2 jump rings as in photo.
10. Now you have a heart shape needle holder you wear like a necklace, that flips open to hold needles as in photo.


I gave one of the necklace needle holders to a friend and she had problems with it getting tangled with her glasses that she hangs around her neck. So I made her a new needle holder as a lapel pin. Use the same materials as above with these additions.
1 decorative button to make the pin, IE the fan & purse in photos.
1 jewelery pin
1 piece of decorative cord
Supper Glue or Hot glue
1. Follow steps 1 - 8 from necklace needle holder.
2. Thread decorative cord through the jump rings on the completed heart assembly.
3. Thread the 2 ends of the cord through the holes in the flat part of jewelery pin, one end of cord through opposite hole in pin.
4. Tie the 2 ends of the cord together and flatten down.
5. Clip off the shaft button hole and sand the back .
6. Glue button to the jewelery pin as in the photos.
7. Pin to your blouse etc.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


A very simple but decorative candle plate, gives off great colors.
1 Old CD
1 Piece of card stock cut to shape of CD
4 Surface protector disc
Double Stick Tape

1. Trace CD on a piece of card stock, cut out the circle with scissors.
2. Place strips of double stick tape onto back of CD and attach card stock circle to back of CD and trim the edges around the CD, attach 4 surface protector disc on back of CD(see photo below).
3. Set candle in center of CD and light.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The heart shaped jewlery rack is easy to make but an attactive wall hanging.
1 wooden heart shape piece about 8" x7", or any size you might like, cut your self or get pre cut from craft store.
3ft. of decorative ribbon or to match heart size.
1 piece of cloth materials about 3" wider and longer than the heart.
Enough batting material to cover the heart twice(for 2 layers)
8 coffee mug hooks 1/2" size.
1 piece of backing felt to cover back of heart
1 picture frame hanging bracket with screws or nails to attach.
Stapler, small hammer, screw driver, scissors, ice pick
1. Cut out heart shape from 1/4" plywood or use precut heart.
2. Lay heart on bating material and cut 2 pieces.
3. Lay heart on the cloth and cut out rough shape leaving about an 1 1/2" of cloth all the way around the heart.
4. Lay the 2 pieces of bating on the heart, lay cloth over bating, flip the stack over with the wood up, bring the edges of the cloth onto the back of the heart and attach using a stapler as in first photo below, add strips of ribbon in a pattern, like the photo above, and staple the ends to the back of the heart as in the first photo below.
5. Using the ice pick, punch a pilot hole through the ribbon, cloth, bating and into the wood at each point where the ribbons cross(see photo above), insert a mug hook in pilot hole and tighten.
6. Cut out a piece of backing felt and glue it to the back of the heart assembly as in the second photo below.
7. Attach picture hanging bracket to the back of the heart as in second photo below.
8. Mount on the wall and hang your jewelery as in last photo below.