Saturday, July 25, 2009


A basic wood craft project that creates a very usable crochet caddy.
1 piece of 1"x 10"pine 3ft. long
1 wood dowel 3/4" x 8"
1 piece of 1/4" MDF or Plywood about 12" x 12"
8 wallboard screw nails 1" long1 brass cabinet knob
Wood stain, wood glue, and clear lacquer finish
Table saw, router & bits, drill & bits, clamps, screw driver
1. Cut sides, top, bottom, back, and uprights for the caddy as shown in the drawing below.
2. Sand all pieces and assemble caddy by attaching the uprights to the top with glue and 4 wallboard screws, glue and clamp sides to top, bottom and back to form main body of caddy with the front open for the drawer as on drawing.
3. Cut 4 feet as on drawing and sand then glue and screw to the 4 corners of the bottom of caddy. 4. Sand assembly and stain to desired taste(Photo shows a pecan stain), apply several coats of lacquer.
5. Cut drawer front and router 3/8" by 3/8" notch all the way around one side of front. router an additional 1/4" wide by 3/8" deep section from both sides and bottom edge of drawer front(allows for sides and bottom to lap onto front).
6. On the opposite side of front piece router a decorative edge(this will be the out side face of the drawer).
7. Cut the sides, back and bottom of drawer from 1/4" material. Router the 1/8" deep by 1/4" wide notches from sides and back as on drawing.
8. Sand pieces and glue and clamp all pieces together to form the drawer as on drawing. When sides, back and front are together correctly there should be a space for the bottom to fit into.
9. Apply stain and finish to the face of the drawer front.
10. Drill a hole in the center of drawer front and attach knob.
Note: I originally saw one of these caddies for sale in Crochet Digest 1995 Winter issue.


A great dish scrubby you can make with Dazzle polypropylene twine from Lowes.

1 Ball of twine, darning needle.
With size 9 knitting needles
Cast on 17 sts.
Row 1: Knit across
Row 2: K 1, K 2 tog, K 12, K1 fb, K 1
Repeat rows 1&2 till piece measures about 8-9”
Cast off loosely leaving a tail about 26” long sew short ends together
Weave a basting stitch around one end and cinch tight, weave through to the opposite side and repeat the cinch, sew in ends and cut.
The disc will measure about 4” across.

Friday, July 24, 2009


A recycled tuna can is turned to stone with the spray of a can of Stone Paint.
1 empty tuna fish can
1 wire handle from Chinese Take Out box
1 strip of paper 3" wide
3 strips and 1 disc of cardboard from cracker box
White glue, amber shellac, sandpaper, and Rust-Oleum American Accent Stone Paint
Scissors, scratch awl, and pliers
1. Cut strips of cardboard about 1/8" wider than the depth of your tuna can. Cut each and place in can to mark the length(each one will be shorter).
2. Cut 1 cardboard disc to fit into the bottom of can. Glue the disc into bottom, and glue 3 strips to the inside wall of the can. This gives the can more thickness as in 2nd photo below.
3. While the glue is wet press the top edges of cardboard down around the top of the can.
4. When glue is dry lightly sand the top edge of assembly until smooth.
5. Coat the wire with amber shellac to give it a bronze look(optional).
6. Apply white glue to one side of the paper and roll the paper around the handle section of the wire as in the 2nd photo below.
7. Place tape on the exposed wire and spray with stone paint.
8. Spray the can assembly with the stone paint(second coat may be required).
9. Using awl punch a small hole on both sides of can directly opposite from each other about 1/4" down from top edge. This is for attaching handle.
10 Remove the tape from wire and mount to the can as in 2nd photo above(the wire may have to be re-shaped to fit to the tuna can).
11 Fill your stone basket with some decorative items, or candy, and display.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is a quick easy tree ornament that can be assembled in a matter of minutes. And it makes a nice low cost gift.
Materials: 1 clear glass ornament, this one just happened to be heart shaped, 1 white feather.
Directions: Remove the top of the ornament, stuff the white feather inside, replace the top.
(now that's easy)
You can add the verse below. Options are attach the verse on fine paper to the top of the ornament, or if you are giving the ornament as a gift place the verse with the ornament. This is a lovely sentiment to share with loved ones.


This is an angel feather,
sent from God above.
To serve as a reminder,
of his gracious love.

It’s from your guardian angel,
that God assigned to you.
It fell out in his struggles,
as he protected you.

Each time you nearly stumble,
each time you nearly fall.
Thank God and his angle
for answering your call.


This is by far one of the easiest crochet projects.
Materials: scrap yarn worsted weight, Size G crochet hook.
Directions: Ch 17 fasten off leave a 1 1/2" tail at each end.
Row 1: Attach new strand, with 1 1/2 " end, sc in each of the 17 stitches fasten off leaving a 1 1/2" end.
repeat Row 1 for 20 rows.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A Christmas Project you can make for less than five dollars.
1 Styrofoam floral ring(Dollar Store)
1 red roll of 1/4" x 50' Poly Rope(Dollar Store)
1 green roll of 1/4" x 50" Poly Rope(Dollar Store)
Hot glue and Christmas garland
Scissors, hot glue gun, and straight pins
1. Place a rubber band around each roll of rope as in 2nd photo below(prevents tangling)
2. Place the ends of the red & green rope over ring and pin in place as in 2nd photo below.
3. Wrap the rolls of rope around the floral ring side by side as in 2nd photo below.
4. Continue to wrap until the ring is completely covered, cut both ropes where they meet back with the starting ends(cut slightly longer), melt the end of each rope with match or lighter then stick to the matching end you started with as in the 3rd photo below. Make sure to use a craft stick or spoon to press ends together since rope will be very hot.
5. Hot glue garland to the wreath as in the photo above or to suit your taste.
6. Tie a string around the top of wreath(tuck string between ropes to hide) and tie a loop, hang your Poly Rope Christmas Wreath for the Holidays.

Monday, July 20, 2009


You get 2 for 1 with this combination scrubber on one side and a dish cloth on the other side.
Materials: nylon netting, peaches & cream crochet cotton, size H crochet hook.

Directions: cut the nylon netting into 3 inch strips(see 2nd photo above). You will use these as if it were the cotton. You can work the strips in one at a time or you can tie them together, wind into a ball and crochet from the ball. The choice is which ever is easiest for you to work with.

Ch 4 slip stitch in first ch to form a ring
Row 1: Ch2 (this counts as first dc)11 dc in ring slip st to join (12dc)
Row 2: 2dc in each of the 12 sts. (24dc) join
Row 3: ch2 dc in same st *dc in next st 2dc in next st Repeat from* (34dc)
Row 4: ch1 sc in each st around join fasten off.

Now repeat this pattern with the cotton, when you get to the end don’t fasten off, single crochet the two pieces together then fasten off. (2nd photo above shows the 2 separate pieces)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Turn your ice cream containers into bamboo center piece baskets.
1 empty Breyers Ice Cream container
1 bamboo place mat(Dollar Tree)
White glue, paper, hot glue
Heavy kitchen scissors and hot glue gun
1. Remove the cardboard from the plastic rim on the lid, clean off all the glue.
2. Pull the rolled edge of the container out to create a gap, measure the distance from under the roll to the bottom of container.
3. Measure the same distance from one edge of the place mat and draw a line, using heavy scissors cut along the line.
4. Cut a section of paper the same size as the mat section and glue(white glue) to the container to cover the label. This step is optional, but it prevents the label colors from showing through the bamboo.
5. Place the measured section of the mat around the container, as in 2nd photo below, to determine the length of mat required.
6. If cutting is required make sure to untie the knotted strings and remove the extra sections of bamboo(cutting the string will cause the mat to come apart), then re-tie the strings.
7. You will need to untie the knots at both end of mat and tie them together where the 2 ends meet when wrapped around container.
8. Wrap the mat around container(tuck top edge under rolled edge of container), tie the meeting edges together and cut off extra string. Put the cut edge at the top where it is covered by rolled edge.
9. Because this container is tapered the mat is loose around the bottom. put a strong rubber band around the bottom to gather the mat to the container, then pull out the edge and hot glue to container every inch or so. Let set then remove rubber band.
10. At the top of container press the rolled edge down over the top edge of the mat.
11. Place the plastic rim from the top of container back onto to the basket, it will fit tightly in place and finish off the top.
12. Place some faux flowers or other ornaments in the center piece basket and enjoy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


A nice weekend project that is easy and fun to make. A great way to display some of your favorite collectibles.
1 wood ball 1" dia.
2 wood dowels 1" dia
3 circles cut from MDF
2 screw dowels 1/4" x 2"
1 wood screw #8 x 2"
Walnut stain and amber shellac(or stain & finish desired)
Saber saw(or band saw), miter box or chop saw, sander, and screw driver
1. Lay out and cut 3 circles from MDF(or material desired) as seen on drawing below, sand until smooth.
2. Drill 1/4" holes in circles as on drawing.
3. Cut, sand, and drill 1" dowels as shown on drawing.
4. Stain all pieces, including wood ball, with desire wood stain.
5. Assemble circles, dowels and ball with screws as shown on drawing, off set the circle as in the photo below.
6. Apply several coats of desired finish.
7. Attach felt dics to the bottom to protect furniture top if desired.
8. Place in desired area and display your favorite collectibles.
Note: Don't put heavy object on the top shelf and light object on bottom shelf, this could cause stand to tip.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


If you have been on this site before you will have seen my scarf made with the Turkish Stitch Pattern. I love the Turkish stitch for open mesh work, and for the mindlessness of working it. Here is another pattern using the Turkish stitch.

Open Mesh Bag

Knitting needles round size 6 US, size 9 or 10 US
One stitch marker
One draw string stopper
Peaches & cream cotton, not sure of the amount needed as I used an existing spool I had.
52” cording (for drawstring)
Large eyed darning needle

With smaller needles cast on 46 stitches
Knit for 28 rows.
Now turn and start picking up stitches evenly along side about 14 sts. Then knit the 46 sts along opposite side then pick up 14 sts for the second short side 120 sts total.
Place marker to denote beginning of round and knit for the next 4 to 5 rounds.
Change to larger needles, Knit one row. Then work in Pattern as follows.
Row 1: YO, K 2 tog. Repeat for entire row.
Row 2: Knit around.
Repeat these two rows till bag measures about 11” when laid flat unstretched.
Change back to smaller needles and work seed stitch for 8 to 10 rows. To make this easier knit the first two sts together so you will have an odd number of stitches which allows for a continuous flow in pattern.
Cast off with the suspended cast off method which makes for a stretchy top.

Drawstring: Thread the cording on the darning needle weave through holes in mesh, keeping a straight line across the bag till you have gone completely around the bag, thread through a draw string stopper Tie a strong double knot at the end of the cording.

The straps are something that you can play with pick and choose matching straps, ribbons cording etc. Attach to the inside edge of the top which aids in the folding process. To close the bag, tuck the top and straps into bottom of the bag and pull drawstring tight.

Note: To make this smaller and softer bag I used one skein of ”I Love This Cotton”
And I started with 26 stitches for 18 rows which gave me 9 sts along the edge to pick up and a total of 70 stitches, and measured 7” when laid flat. The cording was smaller also. This is the bag in the above photo. It is used for vegetables due to is't softness it doesn't bruise the

SUSPENDED BIND-OFF: Knit 2 stitches. * Lift the first stitch over the second stitch as for a regular bind- off but leave the lifted stitch on the left needle. Pass your right needle in front of the suspended stitch, knit the next stitch, and drop both from the left needle. Repeat from * until all stitches are bound off.

Monday, July 13, 2009


A nice simple Christmas Candle you can make in a few minutes.
1 piece of pine log 3" dia. and 5" long(can be acquired from vendors of fire wood)
1 tea candle, green or red
1 large candle wreath, 3" ring
1 5/8" spade bit(or forester bit), drill, sander, and saw
1. Cut, or have cut by vendor, 1 pieces of pine log 3" x 5", sand ends.
2. Drill a 1 5/8" hole in the center of one end to match the depth of tea candle(see 2nd photo above).
3. Fit un-drilled end into candle wreath, some bark may have to be removed to fit wreath.
4. Place tea candle into hole at the top end of log.
5. Light candle and enjoy your Christmas Candle.
Note: To protect your furniture tops, glue a piece of felt to bottom of log.


This attractive ice bucket is made with ice cream container, rope, and cardboard.
1 roll of 1/4" Sisal Rope(Walmart)
1 half gallon plastic ice cream container
2 cardboard circle assemblies
1 brass cabinet knob with screw
Wood glue, white glue, walnut wood stain, and amber shellac
Scissors, screw driver, staining cloth, and finish brush
1. Cut several non-corrugated cardboard disc, like cereal box, at the same diameter as the inside rim of plastic container(5 7/8" for our container), cut enough to glue to 3/16" thickness, glue(white glue) together and clamp by placing weight on top.
2. Cut several cardboard disc with a diameter 1/2" large than the outside rim of container(6 1/2" for this container), cut enough to glue to 1/4" thickness, glue together and clamp by placing weight on top.
3. Sand both disc assemblies until smooth and even, glue the smaller disc to the center of the larger disc and clamp with weight(see 2nd photo above), this makes your top.
4. Sand the top as needed, stain with walnut stain. When dry apply several coats of amber shellac. When dry drill hole in center of top and attach cabinet knob as in 1st photo above.
5. Apply rope to the out side of container using wood glue on each wrap of the rope as in 1st photo below.
6. Continue to wrap and glue rope until the container is totally cover as in 2nd photo below. Make sure to apply glue so that it sticks rope to container and rope to itself, leave contain sitting as in 2nd photo until glue is dry(2 to 3 hours).
7. Apply several coats of amber shellac to the rope on out side of container.
8. Place top on container and start using your new ice bucket.
Note: When tested ice lasted 3 to 4 hours.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I am putting two patterns on for the swiffer cover one knitted and one crocheted.
Not everyone crochets or knits so this gives either a chance or a choice. Where one is reversible the second has a nice honeycomb texture. Both work well for dusting and moping.

Reversible swiffer cover (Crocheted)
Peaches & cream cotton, Size G Hook
Row 1: Hdc in third ch from st. and in each st across.
Rows 2-9: Ch2, hdc. in each st. across.
Row 10: Working in front loop only * ch3, sl st in next st, sc in next stitch. Repeat from * across.
Row 11: Turn, working in what is now the front loop of the previous row, ch2 hdc in each st across.
Row 12: ch 3 working in front loop sc in first st. * ch3 sl st in next st sc in next st. repeat from * across ending with sl st in last st.
Row 13: repeat row 11.
Repeat rows 10 through 13 till you have 16 rows of ch3 loops.
Rows 14-22 repeat row 11, 9 times finish off.
Fold over each end about 2 inches. Sew sides together.
The loop side is for dusting while the flat side is great for moping.

Honeycomb swiffer cover (Knitted)
Materials: peaches & cream cotton
Size 7 knitting needles.
Cast on 21 stitches.
Row1: knit across.
Row2: K1,* sl 1 wyib, k1; repeat from * across.
Row3: knit across.
Row4: K2, * sl 1 wyib, k1; repeat from* end k1.
Repeat rows 1-4 for pattern till strip measures about 13” fold ends over 2” sew edges.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


This Patriotic Clock is made from the top half of a Rubbermaid Twin Turntable(bottom was used in another project = Craft Tools Caddy Turntable). Soda bottle caps make the number location bases. You could use a plastic tray or some other round object to make this clock, we used turntable top to avoid waste.
1 bottom section of Rubbermaid turntable
12 soda bottle caps(red, white, & blue)
1 cheese whiz plastic cover
1 set of clock works with hands and hanging clip(craft store)
1 flag picture printed on address label
1 set of peel and stick numbers
Super Glue
Drill and bits
1. Drill 3/8" hole in center of clock face and cheese whiz cover.
2. Remove hands and nut from clock works, insert shaft through clock face and cheese whiz cover, screw holding nut back onto clock shaft until tight.
3. Super glue bottle caps around clock face at 30 degrees in the red, white & blue order.
4. Peel and stick numbers onto bottle cap in proper order.
5. Print a flag picture(or what you like) onto address label, peel label and stick over the Rubbermaid label.
6. Attach the clock hands to the shaft and place a battery into back of clock, hang clock.


Organize your crafting tools with this handy tool caddy with turntable.
1 Rubbermaid Twin Turntable(Walmart)see photo below
1 decorative hook
1' of 1" wood dowel
1.5 sq. ft. of 1/4" MDF finished white on 1 side
2 screw dowels 3/16"
1 #8 x 1" round head screw
Black paint and wood glue
Saber saw(band saw), drill & bits, screw driver, and compass for drawing circles
1. Layout all the circles and hole pattern as shown on drawing below.
2. Cut all circles and drill required hole as on drawing, sand until smooth.
3. Cut 1" dowel into lengths shown and drill required pilot holes.
4. Sand and paint dowels as desired.
5. Use the bottom section of the twin turntable(our next post has a use for top half) and find the center, drill pilot hole.
6. Assemble pieces starting with #8 x 1" screw through the bottom of turntable into longest 1" dowel, screw 3/16" screw dowel into opposite end of dowel, place largest circle over screw dowel(wood glue can be used on each joint), screw next longest wood dowel onto screw dowel, thread other screw dowel into opposite end, place next largest circle over screw dowel, thread last wood dowel onto 2nd screw dowel, place last circle over end of wood dowel and screw decorative hook through circle into wood dowel(drawing shows order of wood dowels, screw dowels, and hook).
7. Assembly should look like photo above, and your new craft tool caddy with turntable is ready to go.


Make your own Christmas Log candle holder for the holidays.
1 pine log 3" dia. x 8" long(can acquire from firewood vendor)2 candles 12" long(your color)
2 brass candle holder rings(craft stores)
Assortment of Christmas garland
Table saw, drill, 7/8" spade bit, sander, hot glue gun, and hammer
1. Cut, or have cut by vendor, a piece of pine log 3" x 8", cut a flat side on log as in 2nd photo above.
2. Drill 2 holes 7/8" dia. and 1" deep, about 2" from each end of log as in photo.
3. Insert candle holder rings into holes in log, tap into place with hammer.
4. Hot glue an arrangement of garland onto log around the candle holder rings as in first photo above.
5. Place candles into holder rings and light candles, enjoy your Christmas Log Candle Holder.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Make your own reusable shopping bag that can attach right to your purse, or belt loop.
½ yard nylon (parachute) material, 12” cording, draw string stopper, back pack hook (carabineer), and one disposable shopping bag, small piece of ribbon matching color to bag.
Cut top and bottom seems off the plastic bag, this is your pattern template. Pin to folded material cut two pieces. Fold ¼” twice on both sides and bottom, pin (see 1st photo below). Stitch on these three sides. Repeat for the top of the handles. Now double fold and sew around the raw edges. For the pouch you will need to cut a rectangle 11 ½” by 4 ½” fold in half repeat seem stitching for two sides and top, now fold top down ½” stitch along edge remember to leave a small open space for cording to go through. Sew pouch to bottom of bag both should still be inside out. Weave cord through top opening of pouch and draw string stopper. Knot ends of cord together. Attach folded ribbon to right side edge of small bag; this is where you will add the back pack hook(see 2nd photo below).
Now this is the fun part. Crumple or fold the large bag (your preference or I need to fold as you can see in 3rd photo) and tuck it inside the small bag turning the small bag right side out at the same time as in the top photo.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


You can make this rope dish and ornaments easily and cheaply.
1 roll of sisal rope($2.97 at Walmart)
5' pieces of Jute Twine
4' piece of cotton twine
2 straw bale strings
7" disc of cardboard
Small piece of aluminium foil and piece of Cling Wrap
Assortment of styrofoam balls($5.00)
Wood glue, white glue, food coloring, and amber shellac
Scissors, 8" stainless steel bowl, and stapler
1. Cover a 8" stainless steel bowl with Cling Wrap and set open side down. Wrap one row of 1/4" sisal rope around large end of bowl, apply wood glue on upper edge of rope, wrap another row of rope around bowl. Continue to glue rows of rope around bowl until totally covered(see 1st photo below).
2. Let assembly set 2 to 3 minutes, separate the bowl and cling wrap, remove cling wrap from assembly, pat inside of assembly with dam cloth to remove excess glue(hold one hand behind the area as you remove glue, assembly is still wet).
3. Set assemble(the top part of dish) aside to dry with open side down.
4. The base of the dish is made the same way if you have a smaller dish for form or you can make a cone from cardboard as in the 2nd photo below, the attached drawing gives measurements of cone. Construct one as shown and work it until evenly shaped.
5. Using smaller dish or cone, construct base of dish as in 3rd photo below. place base open side down to dry(cardboard can be removed or left in place).
6. Assemble the top and base, as in 4th photo below, with a layer of wood glue(make sure to center the base onto the top of dish. When dry apply 2 coats of the amber shellac.
7. At this point the dish is complete and can be filled with fake fruit. I made some ornaments to put in the bowl.
8. In the 2nd photo above the ball on the far left and far right are made by gluing(white glue) straw bale twine to styrofoam balls with a section wrapped around and dying with food coloring.
9. The 2nd ball from the left is a styrofoam ball wrapped with aluminium foil and finished with amber shellac.
10. The small ball 3rd from left is styrofoam wrapped with cotton twine and circled with knotted section of twine.
11. The large ball in the center is wrapped with the sisal rope and circled with a single stripe of the sisal rope.
12. The next small ball is a styrofoam ball finished with amber shellac.
13. The large ball 2nd from the right is wrapped with Jute Twine and circled with a knotted piece of same.
14. These are some options for ornaments for your rope dish, so use these or suit your taste and enjoy your new dish.