Monday, April 15, 2013


Unique wine bottle holder made from ABS Pipe.
1 piece of 3" ABS Pipe 12" long cut in half.
1 can spray paint in Hammered Copper color.
Hand saw or chop saw.
Drill and 1 1/4" drill bit.
Medium sand paper
Dremel with sanding drum. Steps
1. Cut 1 piece of 3" ABS Pipe 12" long.
2. Cut pipe in half and cut each end at 45 degree angle(see 1st photo below).
3. Drill 1 1/4" hole about 2" from end of pipe(see 1st photo below).
4. With dremel sand a 45degree taper toward the bottom of pipe on inside and toward the top of pipe on the outside(see 2nd photo below).
5. Sand pipe until all surfaces are smooth.
6. Spray 2 coats of Hammered Copper spray paint on all surfaces.
7. Allow to dry and put to use(see photo above).


Monday, April 1, 2013


We have friends that smoke and they are always good about going out side to smoke. So I decided to make them a smokers outpost that hides the butts.
1 empty pail, 22.5 lbs size
1 piece of 2" PVC Pipe 24" long(Lowes $3.00)
1 PVC Pipe cap 2"(Lowes $2.00)
2 part epoxy, amber shellac, and red, grey, and black paint
Drill & 3/4" bit, felt marker, and craft knife
1. Paint the label area of pail with black paint.
2. Drill 3/4" hole on both sides of one end of PVC Pipe(hole for butts).
3. Set 2" pipe on cover in the center, use marker to trace pipe circumference on cover, cut out marked area with craft knife.
4. Set cover on flat surface and insert pipe into hole in cover, apply a ring of 2 part epoxy on the pipe and cover joint, allow to set.
5. Turn cover/pipe assembly over and epoxy the other side of joint, allow to set.
6. Paint pipe cap, as in photo, with grey and red to give the look of the ash and the lit end of a cigarette, place cap on top end of cover/pipe assembly.
7. Apply amber shellac(or a paint of similar color) to base of pipe to assimilate cigarette filter.
8. Put a layer of sand in the bottom of pail then place cover/pipe assembly onto pail.