Tuesday, November 3, 2015


This is a neat little fire pit made from a tomato can, roll of toilet paper, and galvanized bucket. The fuel is rubbing alcohol which burns clean and leaves no smoke smell on your cloths.
Materials:1 empty tomato can with lid   
1 roll of toilet paper
1 4 gal galvanized bucket
1 bag of glass gems
1 ring of 3/4" plywood
2 tubes of 60 sec epoxy
1 tube of clear liquid nails
1 Cabinet Knob
4 pop rivets
Power sabre saw
Pliers, tin shears, pop rivet gun
Electric drill and bits
Tape measure and compass
1.  Open 28 oz can of tomatoes with a can opener that splits the can rim leaving a rim on the cover and the can.
2.  Install cabinet knob in center of can cover as in photo 1 below.
3.  Set can in center of the bottom of the galvanized bucket and mark around bottom of can.
4.  Mark 4 tabs and cut out the circle of can leaving the 4 tabs in place as in photo 2 below.
5.  Drill tabs and can and pop rivet can into bottom of bucket as in photo 3 below.
6.  Glue glass gems (Walmart in crafts) onto bottom of bucket with liquid nails as in photo 3 below.
7.  Cut from 3/4" plywood a donut with center to fit bottom of bucket and outside 4" larger all the way around circle.
8.  Paint plywood donut desired color and cover with a poly finish.
9. Epoxy the donut to the bottom of the bucket as in photo 4 below.
10.  Apply additional coat of poly covering the epoxy joint.
11. Remove card board center from a roll of toilet paper, compress into solid cylinder and stuff in side the tomato can and press to the bottom.
12. Pour 70% or 90% rubbing alcohol slowly on to the toilet paper and allow to soak into paper.
13. Use charcoal lighter put flame to the paper, the vapors will burn giving a nice yellow flame as in photo above.
Warning: When flame dies down use the can cover to put out flame before adding more alcohol to the paper in the can. An 8 oz charge in the can will burn 45 minutes to 1 hour. Also make sure the cover is on the can when you are done with the fire pit, it keeps the paper dry and keeps the paper from smoldering after the fuel is gone.


I saw this on the internet and just had to try it. All you need is an old pair of jeans and a pair of sharp scissors.


1. Cut the jeans off at the crotch totally removing both pant legs as in first photo below

2. Starting at the top of the zipper cut just below the waste ban across to the side seam on both sides.

3. Cut down both side seams totally removing the front part of the jeans as in second photo below.

4. Place apron straps (formed by waste ban) around your waste and fasten button in the back.

5. You now have a work apron with pocket as in second photo below.