Thursday, April 30, 2009


Here is a cute recycle project that I think you will enjoy. This is made from a round oatmeal box. I have provided some drawings that you can follow to create this stand. The first step is to take your empty oatmeal box and measure the distance around the outside of the box and divid that distance in half. The diameter of the box I used was 12.5 inches, so half of that was 6.25 inches. On the first drawing you will see line A to B is 6 1/4" long. The rest of the pattern can be laid out as shown, or adjusted to fit other size oatmeal boxes. Cut out around the lines, this will give you half the pattern you need.

Next take a sheet of legal size paper or any paper large enough to be folded in half and form a 6.5 inch by 6 inch double section. Lay your 1/2 patern on the folded sheet with the 6 inch side lined up with the fold of the sheet. Trace around your 1/2 pattern and cut out the traced section leaving the folded section un-cut. Unfold the traced section, you should have a pattern that looks like the 2nd drawing provided. Wrap the new pattern around the bottom section of your oatmeal box as shown in the 3rd drawing. Bring the small ends together and tape them, secure the pattern to the box with tape if desired. Trace around the pattern and remove. Cut the box on the lines of the pattern, you should come out with a rough plate stand as seen in photo below

Cut the box on the lines of the pattern, you should come out with a rough form of the plate stand as seen in the photo below. Decorate your new stand to your own taste. In the 2nd photo below I lined the inside of the stand with sparkly blue felt, wrapped the outside with wall paper, and lined the edges with a decorative cord. Note; You can also use the pattern you just created to layout your outside covering. If you use the pattern for your inside covering just remember the inside will be slightly smaller. Hope you enjoy the project and have fun!!

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