Monday, April 13, 2009


This decorative tissue box cover will display 4 photos and is constructed from 1/4" MDF or Plywood. The 4 sides are cut out with a 45 degree angle cut on 3 edges and the top is angled on all 4 edges. Openings are cut in all 4 sides to form picture frames, and an opening is cut in the top for access to the tissues as seen in the attached picture, also provided is a complete diagram of the required pieces. Cut 4 pieces of card stock 4" x 5" and lay one over each opening in the 4 sides, using a 1/2" wide stripe of tape secure the card stock squarely over the openings. This will form pockets to hold the photos in the frame openings. The 4 sides are glue together at the angled edges and the top is glued onto the sides with angled edges of the top and sides joining together. A handy way of clamping the sides is by stretching 2 large rubber bands around the 4 side to hold them in place while the glue is drying. The top can be clamped in place by setting a 2 or 3 pound weight on it while the glue sets. Lightly sand box and paint or decorate to your own taste.
Highlight pattern then print

Note: If you do not have the tools to make this box you can purchase one all made from . All you need to do is cut the picture frame holes in the 4 sides and tape the card stock over the holes to form your photo pockets.

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