Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Granny’s Pot Holder / Hot Pad and Pot Holder for the Microwave.
This is by no means an original pattern, Granny use to make them.
I used the pattern, and adapted it for use with the microwave. Thumb fits in one pocket fingers fit in the opposite side pocket.
This crochet pattern uses a size G hook and Peaches & Cream cotton.

Ch 30
Sc. in back loop of each stitch along chain, 3sc in end st.
You will now be on the opposite side of the chain. Sc in back loop of each st. to the beginning again, continue to sc in each stitch in back loop, round and round, the ends will start to curl you want them to. When they meet together to make a folded square the crocheting is done. For the regular potholder tie off end leaving a tail long enough to sew edges together with a whip stitch. This is your double thickness pot holder or hot pad.
For the microwave pot holder tie off ends cut and weave in. This makes for the open sides where you put your thumb and finger tips.


  1. GREAT! I was looking for a pattern for this after I seen one at the flea market someone made, Thank You so much :)

  2. Susan, where you put 3 sc in end, do you do that to both ends all the way through pattern or just that one time?

  3. Just the one end that one time.

  4. :) Thanks, Jacob likes this , he used it to get a plate out of microwave.