Saturday, May 23, 2009


This is a natural recycling project! My neighbor took down some old dead pine trees, so I ask him for some of the dried branches and made some novel items, this is one.
1 Section of pine branch 3" dia. x 5" long
1 Section of pine branch 3/4" dia. x 7" long
1 Section of pine branch ½” dia. x 1 5/8” long
1 Section of pine branch ½” dia. x 1” long
1 Wood dowel ¼” dia. x 1 ¼” long
1 Wood dowel 1” dia. x 5/8” long
1 Strip of serrated metal edge 1” long(from aluminum foil box)
Wood Glue and Finish
Saw, drill & bits, hatchet, pocket knife, hack saw, and router
1. Cut 5" piece of 3" dia. pine branch, and shave off the bark leaving traces of inter bark.
2. Split the 5" piece into 2 equal pieces with hatchet and sand the flat side of one piece(smooth with jointer if available). Cut both ends with several tapered cuts for more rustic effect.
3. Drill two 1/2" holes 1" in from one end, and 1 ½” apart in 5" piece(center the hole on rounded area and make 1/2" deep, see drawing).
4. Cut the 7" x 3/4" piece into two 3.5" pieces and remove bark, shave one end to fit 1/2" holes in base.
5. Router a 1/4" wide x 5/16" deep x 1" long groove in the center of one side of the 2 pieces(from the top as in drawing), if you don't have a router you can drill a series of holes and use a chisel.
6. Cut ¼” dowel 1 ¼” long, cut 1” dowel 5/8” long, drill ¼” hole through center of 1” dowel, insert ¼” dowel into 1” dowel and center(this assembly will hold tape roll)
6. Dry fit the 2 post into the 1/2" holes in the base and try the dowel assembly for fit into the 2 grooves(if the assembly is to tight sand all sections to fit).
7. Cut two ½” pieces, 1” and 1 5/8” long, shave the ends of longer piece and drill hole and cut slot(use hack saw to cut slot for metal strip) in shorter piece as in drawing. Assemble the 2 pieces dry, as shown.
8. Drill one 3/8” hole in the opposite end of 5” base piece(see drawing), insert the assembly of ½” pieces into hole.
9. When all fit and line up then remove and disassemble all pieces, sand lightly(leave looking rustic), glue the pieces all together as in the top picture.
10. Add a finish to the dispenser to suit your taste, put peel and stick felt pads on bottom.

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