Sunday, March 31, 2013


Old fashion and novel candy dispenser made of wood.
3ft. of 1" x 4" pine
1ft. of 1" x 6" pine
1 piece of maple 1/4" x 1 3/8" x 1 7/8"(sliding door)
1 piece of 1" dowel 1" long
2 pieces of 1/4" dowel 1 1/8" long
1 wooden cabinet knob 1 1/8" dia (size is optional)
1 piece of string 20" long
1 small brass eyelet
1 flat head wood screw #10 x 2.5"
1 flat head wood screw # 10 x 1"
4 flat head wood screws #4 x .5"
1 pint Ball canning jar with just screw on part of lid
1 wood button plug 3/8"
wood glue, finish
Saw(ideally a table saw), drill and bits, screw driver, wood clamps, sander, & 3" hole saw.
1. Check Fig. A on first drawing below, cut the 4 pieces of 1" x 4" pine from the 3ft section of 1 by 4 and glue together as shown, this forms the body of the dispenser.
2. Drill 1" holes in the body as in Fig. B on first drawing.
3. Drill 1/8" pilot hole about 3/4" deep in the right side of body as shown in Fig. C
4. Cut the top from remaining section of 3ft. 1 by 4 pine and drill 1" and 3/16" holes as shown in Fig. D
5. Cut a piece 1 1/2" x 5 3/4" from the 1ft piece of 1" x 6" pine, cut 2 pieces of 1/4" dowel 1 1/8" long, drill 1/4" hole in piece of pine and glue dowels in holes, drill 1" hole as in Fig. E(this forms the shuttle)
6. Cut bottom from the piece of 1" x 6" piece of pine as in Fig. F
7. Cut 3 pieces for the tray as in Fig. G(pieces are shown above and below the Fig. G)
8. Cut maple door to size as shown in Fig. H
9. Cut a piece of 1" dowel and center drill 3/16" hole as shown in Fig. I
10. Using 3" hole saw cut the wheel(wheel can be cut with saber or band saw), drill and countersink holes as in Fig. J(wheel can be cut from 1" x 6")
11. Cut the door slide pieces from remaining 1" x 6" pine as in Fig. K, glue #1 pieces to the end of #2 pieces in opposites(this forms the bottom stops for door.
12. Sand all the pieces and put finish on the shuttle, top, and door from steps 4, 5, and 8(install eyelet in center top of door)
13. Glue 1" dowel to the wheel(making sure to line up center holes)apply finish
14. Assemble all of the pieces as shown in the second drawing below(except for the top, shuttle, jar cover, and the door) and apply finish
15. Insert the door into the door slides, place the shuttle into notch at top of body, and attach the top.
16. Thread the string through the holes drilled in the top and connect one end to the eyelet in the door and tie the other end to the 1" dowel, turn the wheel to wrap excess string
17. Attach the Ball canning jar cover to the top as in second drawing.
18. Fill the jar with jelly beans or small gum balls(no large or wrapped candy), hold the dispenser upside down and screw the jar into the cover attached to the top, set back in upright position.
19. To operate slide the shuttle totally to the left of dispenser to load with candy, slide shuttle totally to the right to load candy shoot, turn wheel to lift door and candy will drop into tray.

Notes: Attach the door slides to the front of the body centered around the 1" hole and make sure the door is in place before attaching the top. When attaching the top it can be glued or attached with 4 decorative screws. The string can be waxed slightly to make it slide better through the holes in the top

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