Monday, June 15, 2009


The light blue circle is what the butterfly looks like before you fold it. The one with the railroad ribbon is used as a book mark.
the other two have been used as refrigerator magnets, hair clips, & decorative pins. I know of a little old lady that has them pinned all over her curtains.
Materials: Yarn or Crochet Cotton
Crochet hook
The size of the yarn, cotton and hook is determined by the size of the Butterfly you want to make.
Ch 6 join in first ch. To form a ring, never turn
Row 1: 16 dc in ring, join.
Row 2: 3dc ch1 in each st. around join.
Row 3: *3dc ch2 3dc in first ch1 sp. 1hdc in next ch1 sp, repeat from * around, join.
Row 4: slip st. in first ch2 sp. 5dc. picot, 4dc in same space. ch2 * 5dc picot 4dc, in next ch2 sp. ch2 Repeat from * around finish off weave in ends.
Fold in half attach at center with pipe cleaner. See photo

PICOT: ch3 slip stitch in first stitch of ch3.
Note: If you would like the butterfly a little larger you can add a row between 3&4 of
3dc ch2 3dc in first ch1 sp 1hdc in hdc repeat around.

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