Thursday, March 22, 2012


The pink circle in the foreground is what the flower looks like before you roll it. These can be used as hair clips, & decorative pins, or make a floral arrangement, attach flower to floral wire make a dozen.
Yarn or Crochet Cotton
Crochet hook, The size of the yarn, cotton and hook is determined by the size of the flower you want to make.
Ch 35
Row1: sc in second ch from hook and in each ch across.
Row2: ch3, dc ch2 dc in first st. ch1, skp 2 sc * (2dc ch2 1dc) in next st. ch.1 repeat from * across. Row3: ch3, 7dc in first ch2 space. slp. st. in ch1 space. * 8dc in ch2 space, sl st in next ch1 sp. Repeat from * across ending with 8dc in last ch2 space.
Leave about 7” end for sewing fasten off.

NOTE: If you roll this strip up with the right side facing you it will look like a rose. See the pink, blue, and rose colored ones.
If you roll it up with the wrong side facing you with white yarn it will look like a gardenia see above.


  1. wooohooo flowers, Thats my weakness, that and Granny square :( I cant do a simple Granny, Susan do you have a tut for it?

  2. OMGosh, :) I did it in Yellow, Lookes Like a Yellow Rose :) tytytyty

  3. Renee' the fastest way for me to help you is go to this is a very good tut for ya

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  5. Ok Ill try it, LOL you think with all Iv made a Granny Square would be easy lol.
    *, Man my typos