Tuesday, June 2, 2009


The heart shaped jewlery rack is easy to make but an attactive wall hanging.
1 wooden heart shape piece about 8" x7", or any size you might like, cut your self or get pre cut from craft store.
3ft. of decorative ribbon or to match heart size.
1 piece of cloth materials about 3" wider and longer than the heart.
Enough batting material to cover the heart twice(for 2 layers)
8 coffee mug hooks 1/2" size.
1 piece of backing felt to cover back of heart
1 picture frame hanging bracket with screws or nails to attach.
Stapler, small hammer, screw driver, scissors, ice pick
1. Cut out heart shape from 1/4" plywood or use precut heart.
2. Lay heart on bating material and cut 2 pieces.
3. Lay heart on the cloth and cut out rough shape leaving about an 1 1/2" of cloth all the way around the heart.
4. Lay the 2 pieces of bating on the heart, lay cloth over bating, flip the stack over with the wood up, bring the edges of the cloth onto the back of the heart and attach using a stapler as in first photo below, add strips of ribbon in a pattern, like the photo above, and staple the ends to the back of the heart as in the first photo below.
5. Using the ice pick, punch a pilot hole through the ribbon, cloth, bating and into the wood at each point where the ribbons cross(see photo above), insert a mug hook in pilot hole and tighten.
6. Cut out a piece of backing felt and glue it to the back of the heart assembly as in the second photo below.
7. Attach picture hanging bracket to the back of the heart as in second photo below.
8. Mount on the wall and hang your jewelery as in last photo below.

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