Monday, June 8, 2009


My neighbor took down some old dead pine trees, so I ask him for some of the dried branches and made some novel items, this is one.
1 Section of pine branch about 4.5" dia. x 9" long
2 Sections of pine branch about 1/2" dia. x 6" long
2 Sections of pine branch about 3/8" dia. x 5" long
Wood Glue, wood filler, and Finish
Saw, drill & bits, hatchet, pocket knife, chisel, sander, and block plane(jointer if available)
1. Cut 9" piece of 4.5" dia. pine branch, and shave off the bark leaving traces of inter bark.
2. Split the 9" piece into 2 equal pieces with hatchet and plane & sand the flat side of one piece(smooth with jointer if available).
3. Make a cut 1 1/8" deep 2.5" from one end of 9" piece going from side to side, with chisel, remove the 6.5" section down to the cut as in drawing below, and sand the formed flat area until smooth.
4. Drill two 1 5/8" " hole in 1 1/8" from end of the 2.5" section as in drawing below, fill center hole from drilling, sand until smooth(glue felt in bottom of hole if desired).
5. Drill four 1/4" hole in the flattened area formed in step #3, spacing as seen on drawing.
6. Cut the 2 pieces of 3/8" and 1/2" branches and remove bark, shave both ends of 3/8" pieces to fit 1/4" holes, and drill 1/4" holes in the 1/2" pieces as on drawing.
6. Dry fit all pieces to check line up.
7. Lightly sand all pieces, but leave rough for more rustic look.
8. Glue all 4 post into the holes in the base and top rails onto post.
9. Add a finish to the holder to suit your taste, put peel and stick felt pads on bottom.
10. I used a set of plain salt & pepper shakers from the dollar store, if you want to use larger ones you will need to adjust the hole size to hold them.

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