Friday, July 10, 2009


Make your own reusable shopping bag that can attach right to your purse, or belt loop.
½ yard nylon (parachute) material, 12” cording, draw string stopper, back pack hook (carabineer), and one disposable shopping bag, small piece of ribbon matching color to bag.
Cut top and bottom seems off the plastic bag, this is your pattern template. Pin to folded material cut two pieces. Fold ¼” twice on both sides and bottom, pin (see 1st photo below). Stitch on these three sides. Repeat for the top of the handles. Now double fold and sew around the raw edges. For the pouch you will need to cut a rectangle 11 ½” by 4 ½” fold in half repeat seem stitching for two sides and top, now fold top down ½” stitch along edge remember to leave a small open space for cording to go through. Sew pouch to bottom of bag both should still be inside out. Weave cord through top opening of pouch and draw string stopper. Knot ends of cord together. Attach folded ribbon to right side edge of small bag; this is where you will add the back pack hook(see 2nd photo below).
Now this is the fun part. Crumple or fold the large bag (your preference or I need to fold as you can see in 3rd photo) and tuck it inside the small bag turning the small bag right side out at the same time as in the top photo.

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