Tuesday, July 21, 2009


A Christmas Project you can make for less than five dollars.
1 Styrofoam floral ring(Dollar Store)
1 red roll of 1/4" x 50' Poly Rope(Dollar Store)
1 green roll of 1/4" x 50" Poly Rope(Dollar Store)
Hot glue and Christmas garland
Scissors, hot glue gun, and straight pins
1. Place a rubber band around each roll of rope as in 2nd photo below(prevents tangling)
2. Place the ends of the red & green rope over ring and pin in place as in 2nd photo below.
3. Wrap the rolls of rope around the floral ring side by side as in 2nd photo below.
4. Continue to wrap until the ring is completely covered, cut both ropes where they meet back with the starting ends(cut slightly longer), melt the end of each rope with match or lighter then stick to the matching end you started with as in the 3rd photo below. Make sure to use a craft stick or spoon to press ends together since rope will be very hot.
5. Hot glue garland to the wreath as in the photo above or to suit your taste.
6. Tie a string around the top of wreath(tuck string between ropes to hide) and tie a loop, hang your Poly Rope Christmas Wreath for the Holidays.

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