Friday, July 24, 2009


A recycled tuna can is turned to stone with the spray of a can of Stone Paint.
1 empty tuna fish can
1 wire handle from Chinese Take Out box
1 strip of paper 3" wide
3 strips and 1 disc of cardboard from cracker box
White glue, amber shellac, sandpaper, and Rust-Oleum American Accent Stone Paint
Scissors, scratch awl, and pliers
1. Cut strips of cardboard about 1/8" wider than the depth of your tuna can. Cut each and place in can to mark the length(each one will be shorter).
2. Cut 1 cardboard disc to fit into the bottom of can. Glue the disc into bottom, and glue 3 strips to the inside wall of the can. This gives the can more thickness as in 2nd photo below.
3. While the glue is wet press the top edges of cardboard down around the top of the can.
4. When glue is dry lightly sand the top edge of assembly until smooth.
5. Coat the wire with amber shellac to give it a bronze look(optional).
6. Apply white glue to one side of the paper and roll the paper around the handle section of the wire as in the 2nd photo below.
7. Place tape on the exposed wire and spray with stone paint.
8. Spray the can assembly with the stone paint(second coat may be required).
9. Using awl punch a small hole on both sides of can directly opposite from each other about 1/4" down from top edge. This is for attaching handle.
10 Remove the tape from wire and mount to the can as in 2nd photo above(the wire may have to be re-shaped to fit to the tuna can).
11 Fill your stone basket with some decorative items, or candy, and display.

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