Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This is a simple project out of ABS Pipe that creates a nice set of tea candle wall holders.
2 piece of 3" ABS Pipe and a 1/2" by 3/4" stripe of pipe.
2 ABS Couplings 1 1/2".
Super Glue.
Spray can of Metalic Blue Paint.
2 candles.

Dremil with sanding drum.
Saw and sand paper
1. Cut 2 pieces of 3" ABS Pipe 3" long.
2. Cut the 2 pieces in half(see 1st photo below)
3. Cut a small piece of the pipe 1/2" by 3/4" and drill 3/16" hole at one end.
4. Place the coupling over the edge of 1 half piece of pipe lapping 3/8", trace coupling with pencil(see 2nd photo below).
5. Repeat step 4 for 2nd holder.
6. Grind out marked area with dremel(see 3rd photo below).
7. Sand all pieces until smooth.
8. Super glue 1 ground out piece to a solid piece of pipe half making sure 2 halfs are aligned(see 4th photo below).
9. Grind a flat spot on the edge of the coupling and glue into bottom of holder with flat spot glued to top piece.
10. Glue the small piece of pipe to the back of the top part of the holder(see 5th photo below).
11. Spray 2 coats of Metalic Blue paint on each holder.
12. Place a candle into the coupling and hang on the wall.

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