Thursday, February 27, 2014


1 PVC 2" Pipe Coupling.
8 Wood Screws #8 x 3/4".
1 Piece MDF 4.5" x 10" x 3/4".
Sharpe Marker
Combination Square.
Hand Saw.
Sand Paper.
Screw Driver.
Cloth tape measure.
1. Measure coupling and mark 4 spots 2 3/32" apart as in photo #1.
2. With combination square make a line at each spot full length of couping as in photo #2.
3. With hand saw cut coupling into 4 pieces as in photo #2.
4. With sand paper smooth the 4 pieces of PVC.
5. Make a center line on the inside of each piece and drill and counter sink for 2 screws as in photo #3.
6. Lay out MDF piece for the screws as in photo #4.
7. Attach the 4 pieces of PVC to the piece of MDF and spray paint(I use a copper paint) as in photo #5.
8. When completely dry stack can of your favorite beverage on the rack as in photo at the top.



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