Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Back a few yrs. ago while doing my cross stitch I hated the little floss holders. They would have folds in the floss where it wrapped around the cardboard. If I left the floss loose they would get tangled so I needed something that fit my way of doing things. That is when this floss holder/organizer came to be.
There are benefits with this organizer that you don’t have with spools, boxes, pockets, or cardboard holders. These sheets hold 11 skeins of floss. You need not rewind the floss. Simply hook each end of the skein as is on the tabs tuck the tabs in it is secured. Floss can be stored with or without the name and # labels. I find working without the labels is easier. I simply write the floss # about the floss in pencil. Lengths of floss can be removed without removing the floss from the organizer sheet. When you take off a length of floss you simply place it in the hole provided below the floss. By placing the sheets in a zippered notebook you can effectively organize all DMC floss colors in two to three notebooks. This makes them dust free, fade free from exposure to light, and able to see at a glance, the floss, its number and when new skeins are needed.
I have all my floss in two notebooks which not only serves as my organizers but my work space as well. When I am finished I only have to zip up the book and put it back on the shelf.
To make it into a travel size you simply cut one sheet in half punch holes in the side and place them into a small notebook.
I have had my books for over ten yrs. I’ve replaced a few pages in that time but must say it has been one of my better craft ideas.
I sent the idea to DMC back in 2001, they weren’t interested.

The pages can be made from card stock or Mylar plastic stencil sheets bought at most hobby shops. If you copy the design sheet make sure to have a finished sheet that measures 8 ½” x 11”. You can then punch holes in areas provided and cut tabs with an Exacto knif. When you print this pattern it will print about 10% smaller than the original.

Sheet Pattern

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  1. I stumbled on this googling 'floss organization' and I think it's the perfect solution for me! I didn't want to spend the money for the new StitchBow system, but I wanted something that didn't require rewinding of skeins, plus I need something secure. I keep forgetting to put the lid on my box of bobbins and it keeps getting knocked off,dumping them everywhere. Frustrating.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

    Lisa from Hixson