Sunday, April 12, 2009


Free pattern to make your own reusable Sudoku Board. Do you ever get tired of completing sudoku sheets and throwing them away. With this eraseable board you can take games from a book or daily paper and put it on the board with eraseable marker, play and erase clean for a new game. When not in use it can be hung up as a decorative sign on the flip side.
The sudoku game board. Which is the back
of a dollar store door sign.

Materials needed = One tin sign bought at dollar store. Pkg. of double auto pin striping.
If you can’t find the double separate sizes can be found. Marker used on erasable board. (Marker in photo has magnet and eraser on one end)

The directions for making this game board are quite simple.
Mark off the overall square first using Automotive pinstriping1/8.
Mark off the tic tac toe grid using the same 1/8” striping.
Mark off the smaller squares with 1/16” striping .
See diagram below for sudoku grid layout
Highlight diagram to enlarge and Print

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