Friday, April 24, 2009


I am not big on photos but family members are. I am big on recycling. Small Altoids tins make for nice photo boxes for grandma to carry in her purse or MOM. If you don’t have Altoids there are round decorative tins used for pills you can buy at any drug store .You will need to remove the divided section from one of these tins.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Scissors, felt, double stick tape, Cardstock, ribbon, and a tin of your choice.

1. Cut a piece of ribbon about 20” long.
2. Cut two pieces of felt to cover the bottom and top insides of the tin. ( note the ribbon will be glued under the felt for the bottom)
3. Measure and cut an equal number of card stock pieces the shape of the inside bottom of the tin you will be using.
4. Glue half the pieces to one side of the ribbon spaced in a manner that will allow you to fold them accordion style. Turn it over and glue and additional piece of cardstock overtop of the existing piece .You will now have a two sided area where you will be able to glue photos to.
5. Pick photos cut and paste them to the cardstock.

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  1. what a cute idea! I would never have thought about stringing them together like that - makes a lot of sense!