Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Bottle Cap Pin Cushion

Materials & Tools
Bottle cap
Thread & needle
Hot glue gun
Pre made yoyo or
Round piece of scrap material
3” piece of elastic
Drill with sm. Bit.

1. Drill two small holes in top of bottle cap,
this will be the bottom when you are done.
2. Thread the elastic through the holes and tie
a knot inside the cap after measuring your
Finger to make sure it is a snug fit. Pull the elastic so
it fits snug in the cap.
3. Stuff the yoyo or thread a needle and baste
stitch around a round piece of material, then stuff
with batting (some people use saw dust if they have
it). Tighten and secure thread.
4. Glue bottom of the cushion inside the bottom of
the cap.
5. A piece of decorative trim glued around the cap
makes for a niece finish. I left this one pink for a reason.

You could glue the elastic to the sides of the cap
But I find the holes work much better.

There is another finger pin cushion pattern on another site.

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