Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Teddy Beer Cozy
1 beer bottle cozy
1 stuffed Teddy Bear
Both items were bought at Dollar Tree.

1. measure up about 2 ¼ “ cut the feet off
the bear remove the stuffing.
2. undo the stitches that make up the legs
sew them to make a tube .
3. remove the stitches across the top of
head of the bear.
4. Cut down the back of the bear for the zipper
opening of the cozy(see photo below). Remove half the stuffing
from the head.
5. Carefully insert the cozy into the bear opening
Stitch along the edges to match the top and back openings
Then stitch around the bottom attaching the feet evenly
Spaced at the front of the bear.

The bottom has no fur just the bottom of the cozy
This helps in standing.