Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Kitchen Basket, great gift idea that is quick and eazy to make.
1 pot scrubber your choice
1 magic eraser
1 pair rubber gloves
3 dish rags
Ribbon, decorative cording
Ribbon flowers, needle and thread.

1. Roll the dish rags from corner to corner this will make 3 tubes.
2. Lay these tubes side by side, on top of these place the magic eraser the scrubber and the gloves.
3. Grab the ends of the dish cloths bring up the front and back sides tie together.
4. Cut ribbons about 2 or 3 pieces 18” long, wrap around the cloth and tie in a bow.
5. Add ribbon flowers at the center of the front.
6. Cut a piece of the cording attach at the sides near the ribbon. You can do this by sewing it or tie it if you want. Attach the card with verse or make up a verse of your own.
A Tisket A Basket,
I'm a handy Kitchen Basket.
I've a cloth for dishes and pans,
gloves to save your hands.
an eraser that removes scuff marks and stains,
you continue to use till nothing remains.

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