Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is a cute sewing project that I got from my sister in law Bonnie Towne many years ago.
3 Pre cut quilt squares
Quilt innerface
Sewing machine

Fold one square in half back side showing, stitch along open edge.
Then turn right side out, press flat, (this will make your handle)
Layer quilt squares, inner facing, and handle together,
one square face up, inner face, handle in center, last
square face down. Sew together on three sides.
Turn right side out, press flat.
Cut four pieces of matching color ribbon about 17” long, lay on top of square centered in a tic tac toe pattern pin in place, Sew with a decorative stitch directly on top of the ribbon.
Fold in open edge tuck handle inside the fold, stitch edge closed.
Lay face down take the two corner ribbons bring up tie in a bow. Do this on all four sides you will now have a decorative basket.


  1. cuuuuuuute , be so cute for like baby showers or bridal showers :)

  2. Hey Susan, Do you have any ideas how to make little bows without rubberbands so i can make some for my doxin, she has long hair but I cant seem to find how to make some that would stay in her very fine hair, If you need a pic of her I popped one up of her tonight, its a close up so youll be able to see how fine her hair is on her ears.