Friday, May 29, 2009


These decorative bottles were made from empty soda bottles.
2 soda bottles 24oz
1 soda bottle 1 liter
1 wine cork
1 piece of 1" dowel
1 wooden cabinet knob
2 cups of colored stones
4 colors of craft paint
artificial flowers, wood screw, stain, and finish
heat gun, saw, screw driver
1. For the bottle on the left I cut off the threaded part of a 24oz soda bottle, applied heat with my heat gun and continued to wave it around the bottle while pressing down on the top causing it to twist. I continued this procedure until desired shape was achieved.
2. Filled the bottle with a layer of popcorn, black eyed peas, dried green peas, and finished off with couscous pasta then sealed with a wine bottle cork.
3. The same procedure was followed with the larger bottle in the photo, but the plug was made with a wooden cabinet knob with a tapered 1" dowel attached to the bottom, stained and finished. The bottle is filled with homemade bath salts, IE Epsom salts colored with 4 drops of food coloring(put salts in covered container with food coloring and shake) and put in the bottle in layers(makes a nice gift)
4. The bottle on the right is also a 24oz soda bottle, but the top was cut off just below the ring that is at the bottom of the threads. Then 5 wedge shaped sections were cut at the top of remaining bottle leaving leaf shaped sections. These sections were folded down around the out side of the bottle and the fold creased. The bottle was then heated with the heat gun causing the leaf shaped sections to shrink and curl and twist(see second photo).
When cool the leaf sections were painted on the under side with different colored craft paints giving a hand painted glass look.
5. The bottle was filled with color stones and artificial flowers were pushed down into the rocks.

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