Sunday, May 31, 2009


This simple and unique paper plate rack is made with wooden kitchen spoons I got at the Dollar Store. Made for 9" plates adjust sizes for larger plates.
2 wooden spoon sets from Dollar Store
2 strips of 1/4" x 3/4" x 10" pine
2 strips of 1/4" x 3/4" x 8" pine
20 small nails 5/8" long (brass looks nice)
Wood glue, finish or paint
Hammer, saw, and sander or sand paper
1. Cut and sand the 8" & 10" pine strips
2. Cut the handle ends off one set of spoons, cut 3" off the 2 outside spoons & 2.5" off the 2 inside spoons(see second photo below) and sand all the cut ends(save the removed pieces)
3. Use a small piece of plywood to make a layout jig(see first photo below). Lay out 4 perpendicular line from one straight edge of the plywood. Space the first 2 lines 8" apart, draw 2 more lines 1" either side of the first 2 lines. Lay out one more line parallel to, and up 4" from the straight edge of the plywood.
4. Nail one 10" long piece of pine on the upper side of the parallel line with the ends of the piece even with the 2 out side perpendicular line(see first photo).
5. Nail one of the 8" long pieces of pine along the bottom edge of the plywood with the ends even with the 2 inside perpendicular line(see first photo).
6. Attach the uncut set of spoons to the pine pieces with wood glue and the small nails as in the first photo, the ends of the 2 outside spoons should hang over the bottom piece of pine by about 3/4" and the nail to attach them should be 1 3/8" in from each end top & bottom. Attach the 2 inside spoons evenly spaced between the out side spoons and letting the ends of the handles lap over onto the bottom piece of pine by 1/2".
7. Repeat steps 4 & 5 with the second set of pine strips.
8. Attach the cut set of spoons as in step 6, but allow the handle ends of the spoons to all hang over the bottom pine piece by 1 1/4"(see second photo).
9. Cut all 4 of the piece, that were cut off the spoons in step 2, to 2.5" long and sand the cut edges. Make a center mark in the ends of all 4 pieces with an ice pick or nail.
10. With wood glue and the rest of the nails attach the handle pieces to both assemblies you make above(see the last photo). Apply finish or paint as desired. I used a spray poly finish, but if painting you might want to paint each assembly section before final assembly.

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