Saturday, May 9, 2009


This is a cute place for you to sock away your money.
You will need just a few items: A medium size tube sock, ribbon to hang it with, a recycled dessert bowl, or a canning lid set, and a short piece of heavy wire.(see 2nd photo)

For the bowl style you will:
1. drill or punch two small holes near the edge of the bowl thread a piece of ribbon through the holes tie in a knot with the knot on the inside of the bowl.
2. Cut an opening on the wall of the bowl for a coin slot.
3. Print out a picture of your choice (I used the butterfly) on cardstock slightly larger than the bottom of the bowl. Cut it out and glue it to the bottom of the bowl.
4. Stretch the sock over the opening of the bowl the lip of the bowl keeps the sock in place.
For the canning jar lid you will:
1. Drill two small holes in the edge of the jar ring for the bail to hang it with.
2. Cut an opening in the lid insert for the coin slot.
3. Attach the sock to the ring insert by the very edge then put it into the ring lid.
The wire bail helps keep the lid and sock in place.

I had Mark Mathis from the Great Smokey Mountain Flee Market, in Sevierville, TN. do the air brush painting on these socks for me. You can paint them yourself or give your kids blow paint and they can decorate their own. Or stamp or embroider etc.


  1. Susan on the canning lid can you show HOW you tied it on so it does not fall off sock when money is put in please :)

    "The wire bail helps keep the lid and sock in place"

  2. Thats right the bail does do that and the sock is widged between the inner lid and the outer lid. If you wanted it to hold more weight you could feed a piece of thread around the top of the sock and tie the 2 ends to make stronger.

  3. these are awesome... want to make them for grandkids