Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Create your own gallery photo display with poster board and chopsticks.
Poster board(or cereal box type cardboard can be used)
2 sets of chopsticks
1 bevel matt 5" x 7" for a 4" x 6" photo
1 brass paper fastener
3 brass thumb tacks
1 piece of string
4 photo corners
Double stick tape
White glue, wood stain, and amber shellac
Craft knife, brush, sand paper, drill & bits, and tack hammer
1. Lay out and cut the piece to form section A & B as seen on drawing below.
2. Glue the sections together(white glue) and sand until smooth, glue section A & B together as on drawing.
3. Sand the assembly and apply stain(you could paint, stamp, or add flowers) and amber shellac(the stain and shellac give the appearance of a leather frame).
4. Attach the photo matt into section A and tape to the back of section B as on drawing.
5. Attach 4 photo corners to the back of the matt as on drawing below. You now have a quick change photo frame.
6. The easel is made by taking one set of chop sticks and cut 1 off where the taper begins, this makes your cross bar of easel.
7. Cut the 2nd stick off 1/2" from the tapered end, this is the support legs of the easel.
8. The 2nd set of chopsticks sand and angle on the square end of each stick to form the main legs of easel, as on drawing.
9. Drill 1/8" hole through the support and main legs of easel, insert brass paper fastener and fold over end to form hinge joint as on drawing.
10. Lay the assembly flat and attach cross bar to main legs with glue and 2 thumb tacks, see drawing(keep tacks toward the top of bar to make a clip for the frame).
11. Place a tack at the center of the cross bar on the back side(forms an anchor for string).
12. Attach string to tack on back of cross bar and tie the other end to the support leg as in the 2nd photo above, apply a little glue to the string where it contacts the support leg(the length of the string determines the position of the support leg).
13. Place your quick change photo frame onto the easel for your gallery photo display. This is a cute way to display photos and you can easily change photos daily or weekly.

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