Monday, June 29, 2009


This decorative faux stone bud vase, for artificial flowers, is made from a crochet cotton spool and some cereal box cardboard, and finished with Stone Spray Paint.
1 empty Peaches & Cream Crochet Cotton Spool(cone shaped)
4 disc 3 1/4" dia. cut from cardboard cereal box
4 disc 4" dia. cut from cardboard cereal box
White glue and Rust-Oleum American Accents Stone spray paint($7.97 at Walmart)
Scissors, drawing compass, and sand paper
1. Cut 3 1/4" and 4" disc and glue(white glue) each type together forming 2 assembled disc, sand until smooth.
2. Center the smaller disc assembly on the larger disc and glue together.
3. Center the large end of the empty spool on the disc assembly and glue in place as seen in the photo below.
4. Using compass draw a 2" circle with a 1" circle inside of that, cut out the 2" circle, cut out and remove the 1" circle from the middle.
5. Cut from the outside of the 2" circle to the open center, overlap the cut ends and side them in
opposite directions forming a cone shape. when the cone gets to where it is about 1" dia at the top and 1/2" at the bottom cut along one edge and remove excess.
6. Butt the 2 edges together and tape, forming a cone for the top of your vase. Glue(white glue) the small end of the new cone to the small end of the spool as in photo below.
7. Mix up a small amount of floor & water paste and smooth the joint where the cone and spool meet, also use to fill the notch on the bottom of the spool where the crochet cotton was fastened.
8. Sand complete assembly and finish with a coat of Stone Spray Paint. One coat should cover but some touch up maybe required.
9. Place an artificial flower bud in the vase and enjoy.

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