Thursday, June 25, 2009


Make your own recipe holder and photo display rack.
1 piece of particle board 3/4" x 4 1/4" x 8 1/2"
2 wood dowels 3/4" dia. x 6 1/2" long
2 wood dowels 3/8" dia. x 3 1/2" long
2 pieces of MDF 1/4" x 5 1/2" x 8"(white surface one side)
2 pieces of 1/8" welding rod(Lowes) 7 1/4" long
2 nuts with 6 - 32 threads(Lowes)
4 photo corner(craft store)
Recipe cards about 5" x 7"
2 part epoxy and paint(black or your desire)
saw, drill & bits, heavy pliers, hack saw, sander, hole punch, 6 - 32 die nut & handle(to cut threads)
1. Cut particle board base and drill hole as on drawing.
2. Cut 3/4" and 3/8" dowels, drill hole as on drawing.
3. Cut MDF(medium density fiberboard) pieces and drill hole, cut beveled edge(sand bevel if no table saw).
4. Cut 2 pieces of welding rod and thread one end(Lowes has 1/8" threaded rod if you don't have die)
5. Bend the rod in the shape shown on drawing making sure to leave straight section to go into end of dowels.
6. Sand all the pieces and glue base and dowels together as shown on drawing and paint.
7. Mix a small amount of 2 part epoxy and fill holes in the end of 3/4" dowels, insert straight section of rods into holes and aline the hooks so that they are parallel and even with each other(try cutting a piece of wood 4 1/8" long and 3" wide and clamp between the rod hooks to keep them even while epoxy sets, see drawing).
8. Select a photo you want on the front of your recipe holder, then attach photo corners to one of the pieces of MDF with spacing to fit your photo, see 2nd photo above.
9. Punch holes on one edge of recipe cards to match the spacing of the rods.
10. Fit the piece of MDF with out the photo(white side up) onto the rods and slide over rods until positioned like in the 1st photo above, fit recipe cards over rods followed by the photo cover as in the 2nd photo above.
11. When both MDF pieces are down it is a photo display, slide top piece up and it is a recipe holder.

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