Monday, July 13, 2009


A nice simple Christmas Candle you can make in a few minutes.
1 piece of pine log 3" dia. and 5" long(can be acquired from vendors of fire wood)
1 tea candle, green or red
1 large candle wreath, 3" ring
1 5/8" spade bit(or forester bit), drill, sander, and saw
1. Cut, or have cut by vendor, 1 pieces of pine log 3" x 5", sand ends.
2. Drill a 1 5/8" hole in the center of one end to match the depth of tea candle(see 2nd photo above).
3. Fit un-drilled end into candle wreath, some bark may have to be removed to fit wreath.
4. Place tea candle into hole at the top end of log.
5. Light candle and enjoy your Christmas Candle.
Note: To protect your furniture tops, glue a piece of felt to bottom of log.

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