Monday, July 13, 2009


This attractive ice bucket is made with ice cream container, rope, and cardboard.
1 roll of 1/4" Sisal Rope(Walmart)
1 half gallon plastic ice cream container
2 cardboard circle assemblies
1 brass cabinet knob with screw
Wood glue, white glue, walnut wood stain, and amber shellac
Scissors, screw driver, staining cloth, and finish brush
1. Cut several non-corrugated cardboard disc, like cereal box, at the same diameter as the inside rim of plastic container(5 7/8" for our container), cut enough to glue to 3/16" thickness, glue(white glue) together and clamp by placing weight on top.
2. Cut several cardboard disc with a diameter 1/2" large than the outside rim of container(6 1/2" for this container), cut enough to glue to 1/4" thickness, glue together and clamp by placing weight on top.
3. Sand both disc assemblies until smooth and even, glue the smaller disc to the center of the larger disc and clamp with weight(see 2nd photo above), this makes your top.
4. Sand the top as needed, stain with walnut stain. When dry apply several coats of amber shellac. When dry drill hole in center of top and attach cabinet knob as in 1st photo above.
5. Apply rope to the out side of container using wood glue on each wrap of the rope as in 1st photo below.
6. Continue to wrap and glue rope until the container is totally cover as in 2nd photo below. Make sure to apply glue so that it sticks rope to container and rope to itself, leave contain sitting as in 2nd photo until glue is dry(2 to 3 hours).
7. Apply several coats of amber shellac to the rope on out side of container.
8. Place top on container and start using your new ice bucket.
Note: When tested ice lasted 3 to 4 hours.

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