Thursday, July 16, 2009


A nice weekend project that is easy and fun to make. A great way to display some of your favorite collectibles.
1 wood ball 1" dia.
2 wood dowels 1" dia
3 circles cut from MDF
2 screw dowels 1/4" x 2"
1 wood screw #8 x 2"
Walnut stain and amber shellac(or stain & finish desired)
Saber saw(or band saw), miter box or chop saw, sander, and screw driver
1. Lay out and cut 3 circles from MDF(or material desired) as seen on drawing below, sand until smooth.
2. Drill 1/4" holes in circles as on drawing.
3. Cut, sand, and drill 1" dowels as shown on drawing.
4. Stain all pieces, including wood ball, with desire wood stain.
5. Assemble circles, dowels and ball with screws as shown on drawing, off set the circle as in the photo below.
6. Apply several coats of desired finish.
7. Attach felt dics to the bottom to protect furniture top if desired.
8. Place in desired area and display your favorite collectibles.
Note: Don't put heavy object on the top shelf and light object on bottom shelf, this could cause stand to tip.


  1. Hi Susan, Hope all is Good, :) Sorry missed some these, was sick for almost a week .:)
    Glad to be back, youv posted some GREAT Things, Thanks :)

  2. Renee

    Thanks! Sorry to hear that you've been sick! Hope you are feeling better

  3. Oh Susan Loads, Jacob was sick 2 days, me a week ack :(
    LOL Thanks :) Im TONS Better :)