Sunday, July 19, 2009


Turn your ice cream containers into bamboo center piece baskets.
1 empty Breyers Ice Cream container
1 bamboo place mat(Dollar Tree)
White glue, paper, hot glue
Heavy kitchen scissors and hot glue gun
1. Remove the cardboard from the plastic rim on the lid, clean off all the glue.
2. Pull the rolled edge of the container out to create a gap, measure the distance from under the roll to the bottom of container.
3. Measure the same distance from one edge of the place mat and draw a line, using heavy scissors cut along the line.
4. Cut a section of paper the same size as the mat section and glue(white glue) to the container to cover the label. This step is optional, but it prevents the label colors from showing through the bamboo.
5. Place the measured section of the mat around the container, as in 2nd photo below, to determine the length of mat required.
6. If cutting is required make sure to untie the knotted strings and remove the extra sections of bamboo(cutting the string will cause the mat to come apart), then re-tie the strings.
7. You will need to untie the knots at both end of mat and tie them together where the 2 ends meet when wrapped around container.
8. Wrap the mat around container(tuck top edge under rolled edge of container), tie the meeting edges together and cut off extra string. Put the cut edge at the top where it is covered by rolled edge.
9. Because this container is tapered the mat is loose around the bottom. put a strong rubber band around the bottom to gather the mat to the container, then pull out the edge and hot glue to container every inch or so. Let set then remove rubber band.
10. At the top of container press the rolled edge down over the top edge of the mat.
11. Place the plastic rim from the top of container back onto to the basket, it will fit tightly in place and finish off the top.
12. Place some faux flowers or other ornaments in the center piece basket and enjoy.

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