Saturday, July 11, 2009


Organize your crafting tools with this handy tool caddy with turntable.
1 Rubbermaid Twin Turntable(Walmart)see photo below
1 decorative hook
1' of 1" wood dowel
1.5 sq. ft. of 1/4" MDF finished white on 1 side
2 screw dowels 3/16"
1 #8 x 1" round head screw
Black paint and wood glue
Saber saw(band saw), drill & bits, screw driver, and compass for drawing circles
1. Layout all the circles and hole pattern as shown on drawing below.
2. Cut all circles and drill required hole as on drawing, sand until smooth.
3. Cut 1" dowel into lengths shown and drill required pilot holes.
4. Sand and paint dowels as desired.
5. Use the bottom section of the twin turntable(our next post has a use for top half) and find the center, drill pilot hole.
6. Assemble pieces starting with #8 x 1" screw through the bottom of turntable into longest 1" dowel, screw 3/16" screw dowel into opposite end of dowel, place largest circle over screw dowel(wood glue can be used on each joint), screw next longest wood dowel onto screw dowel, thread other screw dowel into opposite end, place next largest circle over screw dowel, thread last wood dowel onto 2nd screw dowel, place last circle over end of wood dowel and screw decorative hook through circle into wood dowel(drawing shows order of wood dowels, screw dowels, and hook).
7. Assembly should look like photo above, and your new craft tool caddy with turntable is ready to go.


  1. cool idea, Do you think this would work for my paint brushes, I do alot of painting

  2. Renee

    I am sure this would work for brushes! You might want to make the holes a bit smaller and space the holder section farther apart by making wood dowels longer to accommodate the brushes. If you don't have a way to work with wood you could glue several layer of non-corrigated cardboard together for each holder section. That would hold brushes alright.