Saturday, July 11, 2009


This Patriotic Clock is made from the top half of a Rubbermaid Twin Turntable(bottom was used in another project = Craft Tools Caddy Turntable). Soda bottle caps make the number location bases. You could use a plastic tray or some other round object to make this clock, we used turntable top to avoid waste.
1 bottom section of Rubbermaid turntable
12 soda bottle caps(red, white, & blue)
1 cheese whiz plastic cover
1 set of clock works with hands and hanging clip(craft store)
1 flag picture printed on address label
1 set of peel and stick numbers
Super Glue
Drill and bits
1. Drill 3/8" hole in center of clock face and cheese whiz cover.
2. Remove hands and nut from clock works, insert shaft through clock face and cheese whiz cover, screw holding nut back onto clock shaft until tight.
3. Super glue bottle caps around clock face at 30 degrees in the red, white & blue order.
4. Peel and stick numbers onto bottle cap in proper order.
5. Print a flag picture(or what you like) onto address label, peel label and stick over the Rubbermaid label.
6. Attach the clock hands to the shaft and place a battery into back of clock, hang clock.

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