Saturday, July 25, 2009


A basic wood craft project that creates a very usable crochet caddy.
1 piece of 1"x 10"pine 3ft. long
1 wood dowel 3/4" x 8"
1 piece of 1/4" MDF or Plywood about 12" x 12"
8 wallboard screw nails 1" long1 brass cabinet knob
Wood stain, wood glue, and clear lacquer finish
Table saw, router & bits, drill & bits, clamps, screw driver
1. Cut sides, top, bottom, back, and uprights for the caddy as shown in the drawing below.
2. Sand all pieces and assemble caddy by attaching the uprights to the top with glue and 4 wallboard screws, glue and clamp sides to top, bottom and back to form main body of caddy with the front open for the drawer as on drawing.
3. Cut 4 feet as on drawing and sand then glue and screw to the 4 corners of the bottom of caddy. 4. Sand assembly and stain to desired taste(Photo shows a pecan stain), apply several coats of lacquer.
5. Cut drawer front and router 3/8" by 3/8" notch all the way around one side of front. router an additional 1/4" wide by 3/8" deep section from both sides and bottom edge of drawer front(allows for sides and bottom to lap onto front).
6. On the opposite side of front piece router a decorative edge(this will be the out side face of the drawer).
7. Cut the sides, back and bottom of drawer from 1/4" material. Router the 1/8" deep by 1/4" wide notches from sides and back as on drawing.
8. Sand pieces and glue and clamp all pieces together to form the drawer as on drawing. When sides, back and front are together correctly there should be a space for the bottom to fit into.
9. Apply stain and finish to the face of the drawer front.
10. Drill a hole in the center of drawer front and attach knob.
Note: I originally saw one of these caddies for sale in Crochet Digest 1995 Winter issue.

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