Thursday, August 6, 2009


An easy to make Christmas Tree Star from a 24 oz. Pepsi Bottle.
1 Pepsi bottle 24 oz.
1 piece of 5/8" ID PVC pipe 4" long
1 Styrofoam ball 2" dia.
Silver paint, adhesive spay, 2 part epoxy, and glitter
Scissors, pliers, felt marker, and paint brush
1. Cut the top section off the bottle right at the top off the label, remove label.
2. Make a marker line at the top off bottle at the center point of each of the knobs on the bottom of the bottle as in first photo below.
3. Cut from the line to the outside edges of the knobs on the bottom of the bottle as in first photo.
4. Bend the 5 pointed sections down until perpendicular with the bottle of bottle as in 2nd photo below, crimp the fold with pliers to get a good crease.
5. Attach the PVC pipe to the star with 2 part epoxy as in the 2nd photo above.
6. Paint the bottom of bottle, pipe, and the folded sections with silver craft paint(only need to paint one side of star, allow to dry.
7. Spay one side at a time with spray adhesive and apply glitter of green & red(or what ever color desired).
8. Paint the Styrofoam ball with the silver paint, spray with adhesive and apply glitter.
9. Allow to dry, epoxy ball into center of bottom(as in first photo above) and you are ready for the tree.


  1. oh cool, Iv gotta show Jacob this :) Thanks.
    Hey how yall been?> Havent chatted with yall in a couple weeks :)
    Well Jacobs forhead is better after being in er :) VBS is over YEA! LOL oh and he loved his first Mission trip :)

  2. Renee
    We are doing good! Just got back from a vacation visiting family in upstate NY.

  3. Cool, Hope yall had a GREAT time :)