Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Make this solar lighthouse with a solar landscape light on top that lights at night.
1/2" plywood
3/4" plywood
1 paint stir stick(free from paint departments)
2" x 6" short piece
1 Solar Landscape Light
12 wood dowels 3/16" x 1 1/4"
12 tooth picks
1 wallboard screw 2"
#6 finish nails and 2 round head screws # 6 x 1"
Wood glue
Red, white, black, and silver paint
Skill saw, joiner, drill & bits, saber saw(band saw if you have), screw driver, clamps, and hammer
1. Layout and cut 6 sections, out of 1/2" plywood, 24" long and 2.5" at one end and 5" at other end as on drawing below. Easy way to cut is to clamp guide and cut with skill saw as in 1st photo below. Bevel both sides of these section at 30 degrees with joiner as in 2nd photo below. Glue together to form a hex shaped tower as in 3rd photo below.
2. From 1/2" plywood cut smaller hexagon and sand until smooth as shown on drawing.
3. Cut larger hexagon from 3/4" plywood as on drawing, sand until smooth(router the top edge if desired) and paint black.
4. Layout and cut two 4" circles from 2" x 6" plank, glue together and sand until smooth, drill and sand hole in one end of assembly to receive base of solar light(drill small hole all the way through assembly for screw to attach to tower). Paint assembly white.
5. Sand the tower from step 1 and paint 2 red and 2 white section each 6" high(use tape to layout lines of painted sections).
6. Cut 12 = 3/16" dowels 1 1/4" long, drill holes in the smaller hexagon, glue dowels into hole, and fit and glue tooth picks on top of the dowels to form railing. Lightly sand and paint black.
7. Attach the 3/4" plywood hexagon to the large end of the tower to form base of lighthouse(make sure to line up hexagon edges and center tower on base). Attach with wood glue and #6 finish nails, fill and paint nail holes.
8. Attach smaller hex assembly to the small end of tower(make sure to line up hexagon edges and center on tower). Attach with finish nails and glue, fill and paint nail holes.
9. Attach assembly from step 4 to the center of the smaller hexagon with glue and 2" wallboard screw(screw goes through small center hole drilled in step 4).
10. Cut 3 windows and 2 doors from paint stir stick as shown on drawing. Paint the sections silver first, then place add piece of tape over the area to be the windows and paint the pieces black. When dry remove tape and this makes windows and door glass.
11. Glue the doors at the bottom and very top sections and windows in the center of the other sections as in top photo. Add a brass brad nail to make door knobs if desired.
12. Place solar light into top section, drill 2 small holes, 1 on each side, attach to top with #6 screws.
13. Place outside in sunlight to charge light and wait till dark to see your lighted Solar Lighthouse.
Note: The completed assembly stand about 33" tall


  1. do you have patterns for lamps that are for patio made from 3 diffent size post and add your own decors email e at ramonasmith57@yahoo.com
    thank you

  2. No we do not have a pattern for those patio lights.