Thursday, August 6, 2009


These are called counting beads because it is used to help people keep track of how many glasses of water they consume in a day. It can be used for anything that needs to be counted. The one with the larger beads is for my husbands’ golf bag where he uses it to keep track of the # of strokes per hole. If you make one of these for a woman I would use bright colored beads.
Materials: 16” (about) cording, 8 beads. For the golf set I used 19” cording and 9x6 mm pony beads.
Directions: Fold cord in half tie a loop knot at top, thread beads by starting at the outside edges, thread left side through to the right then right through to the left, and continue this for all 8 beads then tie a knot at bottom. * note, the knot at the end should be about ½” from the bottom bead. I use one dark bead at the bottom of the small set to start.
Now you will be able to slide the beads one at a time till you reach the top.

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