Sunday, October 4, 2009


This is a simple way to make some Halloween Creatures.
1 empty gallon water jug
1 black permanent marker
1 or 2 battery tea candles
½ yard of black material or 1 over the head mask
Scissors or knife and hot glue gun
Cut the top off 1 gallon water jug, and cut small opening in side of jug on handle side as in first photo above.
For the middle photo design draw face on sides of jug opposite the handle as in second photo above.
Cover the opposite sides from the face with the black material, leaving a flap where the hole was cut in the jug for the tea candles to be inserted.
Another option is to buy a over the head mask and place it over the jug as in the third photo above.
Turn on the tea candles and insert in the hole at back of jug and display at night.


  1. Can you take pic with lights off and Lit up?

  2. We took pictures with lights off and tea candles on, but the flash whited out the light from the candles.