Sunday, October 4, 2009


Here is a simple, but attractive center piece/candle made with an ear of Indian Corn.
1 ear of dried Indian Corn
1 6” plywood disc from Walmart Craft Department
1 top section of a water or soda bottle 1 autumn colored candle
1 bouquet of plastic autumn leaves Modeling dough black and orange
Wood stain and finish
2 part epoxy and hot glue
Saw, sand paper, hot glue gun, and brush
1. Sand, stain and finish 6” wood disc for base (apply 2 or 3 coats of finish).
2. Cut the bottom and top of the ear of corn off so that you have 2 square flat ends.
3. Cut the top of a water or soda bottle off just below the flange that is below the threaded part of the bottle, and sand until bottom of flange is smooth and flat.
4. Using 2 part epoxy, attach the larger end of the corn to the center of the 6” wood disc.
5. Attach the flange section of bottle to the small end of the corn with 2 part epoxy, making sure to center and keep perpendicular to the wood base (try placing the candle into bottle piece to keep perpendicular).
6. Form a flat piece of orange modeling dough about 1/8” thick and wide enough to cover the treads on bottle piece. Apply the dough to the threaded piece and smooth in place as in photo above.
7. Form a piece of black dough to apply to the top of the corn and over the flange of the bottle piece as in photo above.
8. Allow the dough to set a day to harden and cover the whole center piece with finish if desired.
9. Remove individual leaves from bouquet and hot glue to base around the bottom of corn as in photo above.
10. Insert candle into open end of bottle piece and display for autumn accent.

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