Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Make this simple but useful micro wave dish cover from large paint strainer and a few small buttons. I have some of these I made 2 years ago and they are still being used . Reduces micro wave cleaning!
1 large paint strainer from hardware store.
8 to 10 buttons
Jewelry glue or thread
7, 9, 12 inch diameter dish covers.
scissors and pencil
1. Lay the 3 dish covers on the paint strainer and trace with pencil(see 2nd photo below).
2. Repeat step 1 on the other side of paint strainer.
3. Cut out the 6 circles from the strainer.
4. Glue or stitch buttons evenly around the outside of the circles(see 1st photo below).
5. Place correct size circle over the top of dish in the micro wave and prevent splatter of food.

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